Saturday, October 24, 2015

Meet and Greet With Warehouse Shopping Done Right

Stephannie has been at it again and I am thankful for a chance to get to have girl time.  Woot woot!  Can you see me doing the jig?

It is raining like crazy here, BUT I am going to brave it again (yesterday was way worse on my way to Jen's --- see link) for it is worth it.  Seriously -- friends AND shopping.  So worth it.

Turns out the roads are great and the rain lets up.  First stop:  Mama's Daughter's Diner for breakfast.  I am the last to arrive.  Let me say that again cos I know you are in shock and probably think you read that wrong.  I AM the last to arrive.  Wow.  I know that is a first.  The table is full of wonderful ladies and I am blessed to meet some new friends.  (I had to take pictures from both ends as a request, lol and once again I have managed to evade the camera.)  Hello Virginia, Sue Ellen, Barbara, Lori, Stephannie, Becky, and Catherine.  Okay, let's eat and visit.

After breakfast, which for some reason I desperately wanted, we are off to Perth street and the first stop is C & C where I find some white tone on tone that I can use for my Christmas blocks.  Awesome score right out of the blocks.  No camera though -- so sorry.  After quick stops in Super Textiles and Fabric Wherehouse Sale rack, we arrive at the Fabric Wherehouse main quilt shop.  Stephannie and Lori are ahead of me and have found treasures already.  I find some backing for my Easy Street top and am thrilled that they opened a bolt for me and didn't make me purchase the whole thing.  Doing a happy dance here.  I think I even gave a little squeal of excitement.

Now for Golden D'or.  I rarely find anything here but it's where the gang winds up to say good-bye most times.  Barbara is still here as is everyone else except Virginia.  I wonder what happened to her and for some reason no one would stay in a group long enough for me to get a picture whenever I managed to remember a camera.  I guess this one will have to do.

I find the backing for my Christmas quilt along with a fun typewriter neutral.  I'm pretty happy as I have stuck to my list pretty close.  Only the little neutral was an add on.  I rock today.

As we are leaving, Virginia comes into the shop.  She has been lost in serger land.  There may be one in her future.  Good-byes are said and I make my way to the other end of Harry Hines to grab some parts and pieces for the retreat nametags.  So sorry but can't show that either.

Once home, here is my treasure trove for the day.  (more below)

When I arrive home, I tell Mister that I need to go to the liquor store to get lemonade for retreat.  He wants to go along and then after our shopping is finished there asks if I want to go to Tuesday Morning.  Well, of course.

Okay ladies --- remember the stories at breakfast?  Well, I peruse the store for at least an hour.  This is where I left him and this is where he still is.  Yep --- pillows are THAT difficult.

 Finally, I state that I am starving as it is now 4:00 and it has been awhile since breakfast.  He buys the pillows and off we go to lunch/dinner.

As soon as we are home, I notice that the pillows have found their new homes.  Apparently he was dang sick of the the ones we had.  Ah well.  I love change, don't you?  Another great day in the books.  Thanks to all for venturing out today and to Stephannie for putting it together.


  1. Glad your had a wonderful time. Love the new pillows Mister chose!!

    1. He did such a good job didn't he? We missed you though.

  2. Mr. did a fine job of choosing pillows!

    1. Thanks Sharron. He always does. It is his THING.

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