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Ribbons of Love - Clue 6

Week Six!  So glad to see you still sewing along with us.  Watching the clues come together has been such a delight for me.  Do you feel like you are making ground?  Well, after today's clue you should really feel as though things are coming together and hopefully I will not have given too much away.  Keeping this broke down so that it's not clear is tougher than I thought it would be.

Onward!  PLEASE read all the way through the clue before starting.

Unit's J & K (make 4 of each) 

                                                                Unit J                                                                    Unit K
                                                               Make 4                                                                  Make 4

EVERYONE:  Cut 20 - 2" x 5" bricks from the green AND 8 - 2" x 5" from your neutral.

True Scrappy /Scrappy:  You will need 44 - 2" squares from EACH blue, green, and neutral.  Make these into 44 Blue /Green/Neutral "threesies".

Controlled Scrappy /Constant:

You will need 4.5 (2.25 WOF) strips of each color.  Sew them together and subcut into 44 B/G/N "threesies."

EVERYONE:  With your B/G/N "threesies" and 8 of the 2" x 5" green bricks, build your units.    Set 36 of the "threesies" into your reserve group.  Do your units measure 3 1/2" x 5".  If not, now is the time to fix them, not later.  Press, stack, and label.  Why do my strips look so hairy?   Okay, that's it for today.   HAHAHAHAHA  -- just joking.  Keep reading.

Okay let's do something fun.  One of my pet peeves with mystery quilts is that at the end you have this big stack of units to put together.  That can be overwhelming to me.  In clue 5 we put together some mini-blocks and today we will do so again AND put together some full blocks as well.  Yay!  Which should we do first?  I guess since the J and K units are right there -- we'll start with some mini-blocks.

Mini Blocks #2 and #3 - Make 4 of each.  Grab those leftover bricks from above along with your A1, E1, J, and K units.  You will use ALL of them.  No reserves.

#2 - You need 12 green 2" x 5" bricks and 8 neutral 2" x 5" bricks.  That should be what you have left.  Sewing SHORT END TO SHORT END -- make FOUR strips of G/N/G/N/G.  These are pictured on the right.  Label these Mini-Block #2 and set aside.

#3 - Using the units we have pulled, (and FOLLOWING the orientation) sew SHORT END TO SHORT END the units together in the following order:  J, A1, E1, A1, K.  Make sure that the long bricks are all on the same side and make 4 strips.  See picture on right.  Label these Mini-Block #3 and set aside.

Well, dang, that was only 32 quick seams.  I guess we need to keep going.

Mini-Block #4 - Make 8.  Find your D and F units.  We will use all of the F's and 8 of our D's in this mini-block.

 Place your units as shown to the right.  D over F.  Sew these into 8 pair.  It really doesn't matter how you lay these out.  Do whatever is comfortable to you.

I didn't build graphs for these as I think they are pretty self explanatory.  If you are confused, please do NOT hesitate to ask questions in the group, through PM, or email me.  I am happy to help.

Do your units measure 5" x 9 1/2"?    Press, stack, label as Mini-Block #4 and set aside along with the two previous mini-blocks.  (yes, I turned the #3 unit upside down when I labeled it --- it's okay -- turn your head upside down.  It's too late at night to take another picture.)

And now for the grand finale this week.  We are going to make our A blocks.  Don't let this confuse you with the A units of which you should have 4 in reserve.  Leave those alone.

Block A - make 4  You will need ALL of your G, H, and I units.  No reserves will remain.

                                                                                                  Block A
                                                                                                  Make 4

Layout in this way:  WATCH THE ORIENTATION!!  Purples should go from upper left corner to the lower right corner with every other diagonal line being a colorway that continues through.

Now, it's pretty simple from here on out.  Another 9 patch.  Easy Peasy.

I have learned that it is oh so easy to turn blocks the wrong way when doing this so I lay out my block on a small design board as shown above.  Then I  sew the first two columns together in a chain like this (you can see the small threads where the chains are):

Now add the final column (without cutting any chains).  You will then have a webbed block.  It's hard to show this in a picture as I am all alone today, but here is an attempt.

Now, just fold the top row down and stitch to the middle section and repeat with the lower section.  Voila, a block that had no chance to get turned the wrong way.

Okay, let's measure.  It should be 14" square.  Is it?  If not, fix it now before you make the other 3.  I had to slightly sliver trim mine.  I'm okay with that.

Once you have all 4 made, pressed, and trimmed.  Label them as "A Blocks" and set aside.

That's it for today.  Now  you should definitely have a fun little mix of parts and pieces in your reserve.

Thanks for playing along.  See you next week and don't forget to post your progress.  Here is what you should have now:

Just a few more cut strips
4 Unit A's together and clearly labeled "A"
1 Unit B together and clearly labeled "B"
8 Unit C's together and clearly labeled "C"
12 Unit D's together and clearly labeled "D"
8 Unit E's together and clearly labeled "E"
28 reserved N/B/N "threesies"
24 reserved G/N/G "threesies"
8 reserved B/P/B "threesies"
16 reserved N/P/N "threesies"
16 reserved G/B/G "threesies"
16 reserved G/N/B "threesies"
12 reserved N/G/N "threesies"
32 reserved P/N/G "threesies"
8 reserved B/N/P "threesies
36 reserved B/G/N "threesies"
52 Combo Units together
16 Mini-Block #1's together and clearly labeled "#1"
4 Mini-Block #2's together and clearly labeled "#2"
4 Mini-Block #3's together and clearly labeled "#3"
8 Mini-Block #4's together and clearly labeled "#4"
4 Block A's -- together and clearly labeled "A Block"

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Until next week, keep on creating,


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