Friday, October 2, 2015

Lunch with Amazing Ladies -- AND -- some fabric too.

You know when ya just gotta get together with friends?  Well you send up a "meet me for lunch" post and hope for the best.  I got super lucky and within no time, had a wonderful group to get together with.  Today is the day and off I go.

We are meeting in downtown Carrollton and I arrive a wee bit early so stop in the antique shop first.  I know, I know --- there is a fabric store right here on the square, but oooohhh the chance of seeing a machine topped it.  The minute I walk into the store I am greeted by this fantastic spinning wheel.  Hmmm.  I would like to try this sometime for sure.

I spot a few quilts right by it and then round the corner to discover a sweet little Featherweight in a locked cabinet.  It's priced a bit high so I pass on it with both a purchase and a picture.  The next area contains these cute little irons.  Oh, I am so afraid to buy even one for fear that they will feel the need to reproduce at home.

Right near them is a rack of vintage aprons.  Oh Allison, I know you would fall victim here.  Aren't these great?

A room at the back has a class 15 old lady waiting to be adopted but her price will keep her there just a bit longer.  Oh well.

What else can I find?  I am rapidly running out of time and although there is another machine on the floor, I don't even have long enough to check it out.  I have a table to get for everyone at Babes.  Gotta fly.

Oh yeah --- look at all these smiling faces as we come together for an hour or so.  My cup runneth over with friendships and laughter.  Thank you so much Cy, Lee Ann, Jennifer, Valerie, Stephannie, Theresa, Anna, and Debi for a fun, fun, fun time at lunch.  No the post is not over yet.

After lunch, most had to head off to other endeavors but Cy, Lee Ann, and I make the trek over to the The Old Craft Store quilt shop.  (Well there is a quick trip back to the antique shop with Valerie first, but I still managed to walk out without any treasures.)

As we walk into the shop, I love the red/white/black quilt on the wall.  Very cool.  We wander along and soon everyone has a little take home package.  Cy even has a darling pillow set for the Halloween retreat.  Jealous.

Towards the back of the shop, we find a little room that somehow I missed on all of my previous stops here.  How could that have happened?  Check out this trip back in time.  I could hang out in here for days.

I do spot a couple of things I really like.  First -- both the fabrics and the pattern in this display catch my eye.  I think it's my color pallette at work again.

Also this pillow.  How fun is this?  I just may have to tackle one of these in the near future.

What a great couple of hours but it is time to return home and get something accomplished today.

Once home, I am trying to get the finances in order for an upcoming retreat and am missing a check that was given to me at lunch.  This is the result of my panic in trying to locate it.  Yes, this was all in my purse.  Yes, it was found - but not in my purse.  Whew.  Thanks for peeking in on our day.

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