Saturday, October 31, 2015

Allietare - And So It Begins - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

Happy Halloween!  Bonnie has greeted our day with the arrival of the mystery colors and theme for this year.  Can I say this loud enough?  I LOVE THEM!!!  We are at retreat and are so lucky because one lady had to make a trip into town and returned with cards for several of us.  Let the fabric selecting begin.

As soon as I return home from retreat, I am off to the studio to see what I can pull from stash.  It looks like a great start.  I'm not going to pull neutrals until I need them as I want to use strips first.  I will also still pull strips and sample fabrics in the colors within the next few days.  Still loving these.

I don't have the required grey yardage so ordered a couple to choose from.  I'm hoping one will work.

Also found a great back.  Pretty good shopping day.

I had a few minutes today so went through my stack of fabric samples and pulled as many as I could that were the right colors.  Yay --- more variety.  I think I'm good to go.  How about you?  Now to wait til Black Friday.  I'm already tapping my fingers in anticipation.  Fun times ahead.  

If you want to play along -- This is a Bonnie Hunter mystery and here is a link to her page:  Allietare.  Please go there and read the whole story.  

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