Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ribbons of Love - Clue 9

NINE!!!! Just how many more of these are there, you ask?  Well, as before --- it's a mystery.  To all of us.  Actually, it's truly getting difficult now not to give it away.  BUT, I'm gonna keep trying.

Have you read the entire clue?  Please do so before cutting or sewing.  All the way to the bottom now - everyone together.

EVERYONE:  Cut 16 - 2" x 5" Neutral bricks, 16 - 2" x 3 1/2" Neutral bricks, 8 - 2" green squares, and 8 - 2" purple squares.  GUESS WHAT????   That is almost the END of cutting for the units.  Just two more little section in the U and Y units.  I hope you didn't run out of anything and that you used up all your little bits and pieces.

Sew the 2" green squares onto 8 of the 2" x 3 1/2" bricks.  Ah, my lovely Coco is doing such a great job.

Units U1 and U2 (make 4 of each):

                                                     Unit U1                                                                            Unit U2
                                                     Make 4                                                                              Make 4

True Scrappy/ Scrappy:  You will need 16 - 2" Blue squares and 8 - 2" Neutral squares.  Sew into 8 B/N/B "threesies".  That's it.  The last of the "threesies".  Do a quick happy dance here.
Controlled Scrappy/Constant:  With 1 WOF strip of blue (cut in half) and 1/2 of a neutral strip, sew strips together as shown.  Cut into 8 - 2" "threesies".

Okay ---- Now, take your parts, along with your 2" x 5" neutral bricks and layout the unit as follows.

Make 4 of this layout.

Measure to make sure your size is correct -- 5" square -- and continue on.

Here is your U1 unit.  I think this is where my focus went awry as doing this clue.  I don't have a picture of this unit marked and labeled.  Oh well, you know the drill.  Press, stack, and label as U1.

Using the following pieces (as pictured), layout out your U2 units as shown.  How late was it when I was taking these pictures?  This unit does not have a picture of the sewn product.  Just a label picture.  Hahahaha.  See -- everyone loses track now and then.  Make sure you measure 5" and press, stack, and label as U2.  (So at this point, this redheaded, loves all things Irish, girl is humming With or Without You.)

Unit V (make 8):  Using the remaining 2" x 5" neutral bricks cut above, and add 8 B/P/B "threesies" and 8 G/B/G "threesies."  Yes, that is purple between the blues in the picture on the left. I have learned a ton on this mystery, believe me.  Color plays such a major part and it's only through trial and error that we learn that for ourselves.

Place in the order shown in the graph and layout to the left.  Sew together 8 little units.  Lovin' those pre-made parts?  I know I did when putting mine together.

Make sure you measure 5" square.  Looks like I need a little sliver trim here.  Aren't upside down pictures fun?  One would think I could have oriented all the photography correctly, but no.  I have my great editors to catch those for me and as I said before, I am learning oh so much.

Press, stack and label as Unit V.  Set aside and move on.  Yes, this photo shows the unit upside down and it's staying that way.  My own little OCD moments can't handle that many words shown upside down along with my tag.

Units W1 and W2 (make 4 of each):

With the 2" x 3 1/2" neutral bricks and the 2" purple squares cut above,  Sew a purple square onto the end of the brick.  Make 8

Get 8 B/P/N's and 8 B/G/N's from reserve.  Then, using the layouts below and in the grid, make 4 of each W1 and W2.  Yes, we are almost to the end of the alphabet.  It's funny how it is working out.

Stitch the units and do the measurement dance.  Yes, dance.  I am thrilled each time mine are the right size.

Woohoo.  Isn't this fun.  They go together oh so quick.  Guess what -- you should have VERY few "threesies" left.  Right?

Press, stack, and label your W1 and W2 units.  No song this time.

Unit X (make 8):  This is another grab those "threesies" unit.
With 8 P/N/G's, 8 B/G/N's, and 8 G/N/B's layout this unit as shown below:

Stitch your nine-patch ---- You have perfected the nine-patch by now, haven't you? --- and measure.  Press, stack, and label as X.

Oh each time I make a unit, I think --"this is the cutest one yet".  Lovin these.

Unit Y (make 4):

The last of our unit cutting takes place now.  Well, it should, right?  I mean after all -- the end of the alphabet is here.  Can't go any further with these little gems.  Choose your method of making the following "threesies":  You need 4 Blue/Green/Blue "threesies" and so either cut 8 - 2" blue squares and 4 - 2" green squares OR do the strip method with very small strips.  You only need 8" of a blue/green/blue strip set.  I was using up bits by now and trying not to cut into strips when doing the constant one so used squares.

Put together your 4 B/G/B "threesies" and then from reserve gather 4 P/N/G's, and 4 N/P/N's.  Layout the unit as shown:

Stitch together your "surprise" nine-patch,  I bet you thought it might turn into something else, right?  HAHAHA Measure, press, stack, and label as Y.

We have reached the end of the alphabet and as luck would have it --- it is also our LAST unit.  Hopefully, if both of us have counted right -- you have exactly 12 "threesies" left.  If so -- it is DEFINITELY time for a happy dance.  I see you -- you're doing it I know. I did.

Unit Z (make 4):  Your last N/P/N's, B/G/N's, and P/B/G's need to be retrieved.  That's it.

Using the layout , sew into your Z units.  Yep, another nine-patch.

Measure, press, stack and label as Z.

Sit back and take a deep breath.  Your units are FINISHED.

However, this clue is not finished.  Even though you did several units, I timed this and it didn't take long at all.

Therefore, we will continue on and see what lovelies we can put together.

Onto Blocks ---

Block C (make 4):    Gather your P, Q, R, S, U1, V, and W1 units.  Place in the layout shown.

Layout as shown and stitch together.  Web if you can to keep your blocks from turning.

And now you have 4 C blocks.  Perfect.  That was pretty simple.  I do know that it takes longer to do these blocks when you have gone scrappy.  Even still, easy step.  Just a nine patch.  Oh I'm so funny.

 Block D (make 4):  Gather your remaining P, S, and V units along with your U2, W2, X, Y, and Z units.  The only units you should have left now are 4 A's and 1 B.

Layout and stitch together -- again webbing if you can.

Four pretty D blocks.  Excellent.  Are you breathing easier now?  You should be --- we only have one more thing to do this week.

Okay --- let's make our Big Block #1 a bit bigger. Yes?  Gather those and the 4 Mini-Block #2's as well as the 4 Mini-Block #3's.  Set the #3's aside for a minute and layout your #2 strips beside your Big Blocks.  Make sure the white cross is in the upper right corner and attach Mini-Block #2 to the RIGHT side of Big Block #1.

Doesn't that look nice?  Now do it 3 more times.

Onto those Mini-Block #3's.  Set them on the left side of your Big Block #1 --- keeping the orientation the same.  White cross in upper left corner.  Make sure your #3 strips have the bricks to the Big Block, small squares to the outside.

Stitch.  Now stand back and admire.  It's this fun?  Repeat 3 times.  The sewing, not the isn't this fun part, although it would be cool if you did that too.

That's it for this week.  Your list of items in reserve has gotten smaller in number but bigger in size hasn't it?  Here is what you should have now:

Minimal cut strips -- 
4 Unit A's together and clearly labeled "A"
1 Unit B together and clearly labeled "B"
4 Mini-Block #5's together and clearly labeled "#5"
4 Mini-Block #6's together and clearly labeled "#6"
4 Block A's -- together and clearly labeled 
4 Block B's -- together and clearly labeled 
4 Block C's -- together and clearly labeled
4 Block D's -- together and clearly labeled
4 Big Block #1's together and clearly labeled
4 Combo Strips  together

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  1. Deb: Just amazed at how short that list of "parts" has become. Been so excited about this clue since I caught up Wed of this week. Yet again, thank you for your effort.

    1. So glad you have enjoyed this. It's certainly been a learning experience for me.

  2. Have not had time to work on this but love, love the look. Only one more week of Marching band and then I will jump into this project with both feet.

    1. I can't wait to see how yours turns out Roberta. Take your time and enjoy it.