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Ribbons of Love - Clue 7

Week SEVEN!!!!  Seriously??  Where has the time gone?  I am thrilled each week watching everyone's units and blocks come together.  It's getting harder and harder to keep you from knowing everything.  Truly using lots of brain cells here.

Oh -- you should be happy for me today!  Yes indeed.  I am on the road out of town for a weekend with my sweetie.  It is our 5th anniversary.  We did the binary thing since I'm married to an IT guy -- 10/10/10.  I hope you enjoy your day as much as I'm going to.

Shall we get started this week?  I hope you have been using up all the little bits leftover from each unit and clue.  It could make a difference.  PLEASE read all the way through as usual.  I don't want anyone missing anything.  There are FIVE units plus an additional build.

Unit L (make 12)

True Scrappy/Scrappy:  You will need 52 - 2" purple squares, 52 - 2" blue squares, 24 - 2" green squares, and 28 - 2" neutral squares.  Make 24 P/B/G "threesies" and 28 B/P/N "threesies.

Controlled Scrappy/Constant:  For the P/B/G's you will need 2.5 (1.25 WOF) strips of each color - purple, blue, and green.  Sew together as shown and cut into 24 - 2" "threesies".

For the B/P/N's, you will need 3 (1.5 WOF) strips of each color - blue, purple, and neutral.  Sew together as shown and cut into 28 - 2" "threesies".

EVERYONE:  Using the P/B/G's and B/P/N's from above, add 12 P/N/G's from reserve.

Using the layout here, create 12 "L" units.

Make sure your seam allowance is still what it needs to be and that you have a 5" square when finished.

Press, stack, and label "L".  Set aside.

M Unit (make 16)

EVERYONE:  Cut 24 - 2" x 5" neutral bricks and 16 - 2" x 3 1/2" neutral bricks.

True Scrappy/Scrappy:  You will need 32 - 2" green squares and 32 - 2" blue squares.  Sew these into 32 blue/green "twosies".

Controlled Scrappy /Constant:  You will need 3.25 (1.75 WOF) strips of each blue and green.  Sew these together and subcut into 32 - 2" "twosies".

EVERYONE:  With your "twosies", make 16 blue/green four-patches.  Don't forget to spin those seams.

Now, with BLUE in the upper left corner, add a 2" x 3 1/2" neutral brick to the right side using the layout as shown.

Then add the 2" x 5" neutral brick to the lower edge.  There will be 8 leftover bricks that you will  use in the next unit.  Check your measurements.  Always, always, always.  5" right?  Make 16.

Press, stack and label as "M".  Set aside.

N Unit (Make 8)

Guess what?  We don't have to make any "threesies" or anything else.  No cutting even.  Woohoo.  Go to your reserve and collect the following:  The 8 - 2" x 5" neutral bricks from unit M, 8 N/B/N "threesies" from reserve, and 8 G/B/G "threesies" from reserve.  Wow -- that is just so much easier isn't it?  Using the diagram and the picture on the right, layout your block.

Stitch together and measure -- 5"?

Press, stack and label as "N"

O1 and O2 Units (make 4 of each)

                                                     Unit O1                                                                             Unit O2
                                                     Make 4                                                                              Make 4

EVERYONE:  Cut 8 - 2" x 5" green bricks.  Gather from reserve:  8 G/N/G's and 8 B/G/N's.  Isn't this fun?  It goes so quick this way.  Using the graphs and pictures, put together 4 of each unit.  CHECK, CHECK, CHECK your size.

Don't these look cute?  I love them.

Press, stack, and label both sets.  Set aside.

There now --- all five units are finished.  Let's put together a mini-block.  Gotta keep building, don't we?  I like to see progress.

If you have been late to the game, this next part may NOT apply to you, but please check anyway.  Clue 3 has been fixed, but I know the majority used it before the fix.  If you have a purple diagonal line all the way through your block -- skip the bashing below and move to the Mini-Block.

For the rest of you, here is where I have to make a confession.  What I want you to do right now is take my name in vain.  Stomp your feet.  Shed a tear or two.  Throw something if you must.  Are you better?  Now, go find your seam ripper.  UGH.  Yep, I'm human and have stared and stared at my top trying to find out what is wrong with it.  As I am writing this clue -- I have found the error.  It's a fairly simple fix but as I am known as the Queen of the Frog in the From the Studio group, I felt it necessary to also help you perfect that skill.  I simply cannot tell you how sorry I am for this.  Believe me -- all the things I told  you to do above, I did today.  It seriously took me about 10 minutes to fix it BUT I absolutely hate that you have to do this too.

One more bash Debi moment.  Are you ready now?

Let's fix Unit C.  Instead of a blue line running diagonally through the unit -- it needs to be purple.  It needs to look like this:

The easiest way to make the repair is as follows:  Remove the blue square/neutral brick section.  Replace the blue square with a purple one.  Reattach on the other side.  Honest it works.  It will put the purple in the upper left corner as it should be.  Grab those seam rippers and make the fix now.

Okay -- moving right along.

Mini-Block #5 (Make 4)  You will need your C, L, and M units.

Layout as follows:  The purple should go straight through from upper left to lower right.  Watch to make sure that all blocks are turned the right way.  Yes, yes, yes.  It will matter a great deal.

Once you have your layout we are making another giant four-patch.  Chain your upper and lower sections together to get a small web.  This is how you can keep your blocks from getting turned around.

Now sew your final seam.  Do you have a 9 1/5" square mini-block?  I sure hope so.  Repeat until you have 4 blocks.

Press, stack, and label as Mini-Block #5.

Take a deep breath.  Now for a few days to go and do all the other projects that are stacked up waiting for you.  Am I forgiven yet?  Oh I hope so.  Until next week anyway.

 Here is what you should have now:

Just a few more cut strips
4 Unit A's together and clearly labeled "A"
1 Unit B together and clearly labeled "B"
4 Unit C's together and clearly labeled "C"
12 Unit D's together and clearly labeled "D"
8 Unit E's together and clearly labeled "E"
8 Unit L's together and clearly labeled "L"
8 Unit M's together and clearly labeled "M"
8 Unit N's together and clearly labeled "N"
4 Unit O1's together and clearly labeled "O1"
4 Unit O2's together and clearly labeled "O2"
20 reserved N/B/N "threesies"
16 reserved G/N/G "threesies"
8 reserved B/P/B "threesies"
16 reserved N/P/N "threesies"
8 reserved G/B/G "threesies"
16 reserved G/N/B "threesies"
12 reserved N/G/N "threesies"
20 reserved P/N/G "threesies"
8 reserved B/N/P "threesies
28 reserved B/G/N "threesies"
12 reserved P/B/G "threesies"
16 reserved B/P/N "threesies"
52 Combo Units together
16 Mini-Block #1's together and clearly labeled "#1"
4 Mini-Block #2's together and clearly labeled "#2"
4 Mini-Block #3's together and clearly labeled "#3"
8 Mini-Block #4's together and clearly labeled "#4"
4 Mini-Block #5's together and clearly labeled "#5"
4 Block A's -- together and clearly labeled "A Block"

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Until next week, keep on creating,


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