Friday, January 15, 2016

Mad City Mama Sew Day --- Friends Are The BEST!!!

It's a Mad City Mama sew day!!!  Several of us talked about doing this while at class the beginning of the month and today is the day.  Yep -- our numbers have grown and there will be FIVE of us in my tiny living room.  We can DO it.  First things first -- take down all Christmas decorations.  Check.  Rearrange furniture.  Check.  Have Allison bring an extra table.  Check.  I think we are ready to go.

I am set up and ready for fun.  Mad City Mama here we come.  Oh -- and I have my Double Delight blocks to work on too as leader enders.

The gang is on their way and I have a hankering for fresh applesauce, therefore, it is on the stove.  Oh yeah.

It doesn't take long and my living room is filled to the brim with machines and wonderful friends.  Ms. Valerie arrives with Ms. Allison and Ms. Lee Ann is here too.  What a fun group.  The lovely Ms. Janet will join us later in the day when she finishes with work.

In order to make room for all, we are having to utilize the sofa.  It's a yes and no comfy.  Easy on the backside -- not so wonderful on the back.

The fun and laughter are rampant throughout the morning and we are having such a great time.  Someone brought chocolate.  Who could that have been.  Oh wait -- it is chocolate covered fruit.  Totally acceptable then.

What is the applesauce doing?  Oh my, looking divine.

Hmmmm.  These are confusing blocks.  I do not think they are Mad City Mama OR Double Delight.  Did someone veer from e stated path?

And this colorful exhibition to the right?  Well none other than Ms. Janet of course.

Oh yes.  We are finally accomplishing some Mad City Mama blocks.  It's about time.

Now onto better things.  How about food?  Lee Ann has brought a wonderful selection of cheeses and fruits for an appetizer.  Who can resist the delightfulness?

It's about time for lunch but I look over at Allison's sewing area and am so impressed at her use  of the sofa arm.  Organized to the max is this wonderful lady.

Lunch time.  We have homemade chicken noodle soup with fresh fruit from Lee Ann and rolls.  Oh so excellent.  I simply cannot get enough and my tummy is extra happy when we are finished.  I think there is a roll competition going on between Allison and Valerie and I cannot tell you who won.

Back to work.

Hmmm -- someone got a picture of me even.

Again -- not Mad City Mama.

Perfect set up for chatting.  We call ALL see each other -- no backs to anyone at all.

I think Mister popped into the room to capture a few photos.  What a kind man.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have my home filled with friends that enjoy the same things I do.  People who love life as I do and love each other as well.

How lucky am I?  Till next time my friends.  We'll do Mad City Mama again as that is the only way we will finish this top.  It takes friends.

Love ya'll.

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  1. It takes friends and a WONDERFUL hostess with the MOSTEST!! What a great day. It takes a day to complete a block so we are in for more fun get togethers ahead!! Thank you for it all. Hugs, Allison