Thursday, January 7, 2016

Billings Shop Hop - Day Two

I have a bit of free time again this morning and want to try and check two more stores off my list up here in Billings, MT.  After a marvelous breakfast with my son, I am off to the Heights to check out Spring Blossom Quilt and Sew.

I have no idea what to expect as I walk through the doors, but I sure am not prepared for what is here.  The shop is TALL and there are quilts and panels everywhere.  Oh yes, I am sure I will find some fun parts to backs on quilts I am working on.  Yep, that fits my it's okay to buy rules.

My eyes can take it all in.  Each shop has been so drastically different and focuses on entirely different aspects of this craft I love so much.  At the back of this shop, there is even an espresso shop.  YES!  This owner has got it going on.

What a great way to repurpose an old produce rack.  Fat quarters everywhere.

Best GO! display and inventory I have seen in awhile.  Seriously considering one of these in my future.

My treasures from here consist of three panels, one soft book, and more winter fabric for the January retreat project.  My only "rule breaker" was the soft book but I'll make it a gift right away.

I still have time for one more stop before my lunch date and Fiberworks is open today so I zip over there real quick.  The owner is Laura Heine and the store spotlights her designs.  It also maintains an amazing online presence requiring it to be in the shipping industry all day long.

I will be honest and say that Laura's designs are not really my own personal cup of tea BUT her store is magnificent.  Once again, antiques are everywhere and used in the decor so that you feel right at home here and want to stay and stay and stay.  It's a great marketing plan cos the longer you stay, the more your arms contain.

A beautiful 4 poster bed and a stained glass window that I would love to have in my home.  Super jelly here.

Look how the beautiful furniture is being used in the displays.  It's like being at home.  Wouldn't you love to work here?

I LOVE this settee.  It's even for sale.  Do you think I can take it in carry on for my flight?

Another GREAT way to display --- using old soda crates.  Yes -- re-purpose is my thing.

Now THIS is ingenious.  The ultimate in re-purposing:  Old vegetable bins to hold scraps that sell for $.75 an ounce.  Oh my.  So glad this isn't down the street from me -- I'd have to stop in everyday.

Okay -- I do find one of Laura's designs that I truly like -- gotta make these placemats - Mister will love them and they will go with our Fiesta dinnerware too.

I also spot a wonderful corner filled with wool.  Yes, as I said yesterday -- there is a wool project destined for my fingers soon.  I am simply drawn to them right now.

More fun displays --- buttons by the cup.  Another simply divine idea.

Can someone please tell me what the bits are for?  This is not a decoration -- they are for sale and I'm afraid I'm at a loss.  I do see in the picture to the left that they are used to tie up other bundles, but that can't be what people are purchasing them for, can it?

Towards the back of the shop is a beautiful "pink" longarm.  Ahhhh, it makes my heart sing and I'm not even really a pink girl

As I said before, this shop ships.  If you didn't believe me, check out this wall of prepared kits and the shipping room.

It's time to go and I was a GOOD girl in here.  I did find a second pattern that I liked so purchased the two patterns and a few pieces from the scrap bin.  Neutrals that I can use right away.  Fun times and now I am off to lunch with a friend.  Enjoy your day.

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  1. Another great day spent in the presence of fabric and antiques. Love the fun neutrals from the scrap bin and patterns! Hugs, Allison