Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fun With Stephannie

 I am truly a crazy person sometimes and today is one of those times.  I set up this play day with Stephannie over a month ago and then my life went nuts with traveling.  Now, I fly again tomorrow and have limited time to kit things up for the trip.  This is so not fair to Stephannie.  Ugh -- what a bad friend I am today.  Alas --- it is what it is and I spend the day running my head off while she patiently works away cutting her own projects in the living room.  I don't even remember to take pictures that's how crazy I feel today.

I manage to kit up Double Delight, my Valentine Pillow, a round robin I am working on and a few other small things while visiting and watching her prepare her own Valentine pillow.  I promise to do better next time Steph.  Honest.

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