Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bonnie Hunter Crabapples Class - Fabric Fanatics

It's my last day of classes and I have to admit I am a bit sad that it is all ending so soon.  (sigh).  Today is the Crabapples class and I'm pretty stoked as I am still using up those dang ugly 1 1/2" strips.  The first thing I see when I walk into the room this morning is VINTAGE MACHINES everywhere.  Oh my.  Just look at our section alone.

Soon Bonnie arrives and it's time for the lessons to begin.  First up - sewing those strips together again only this time light/dark combos.

Okay, let's tackle this tote of strips again today.  Maybe we can make a dent in it after all.

Strips become units and soon we have wonderful stacks of yet to come beauty.

Bonnie catches me moving right along chaining my threesies like crazy.  Now to put them together.

Some of the best moments take place at the cutting table.  It's fun to find out where everyone is from and I am able to share lots of information about future retreats while here.  I am truly lovin' life right now.

This is what we do until lunch and then a little show and share before our next lesson.  I share a repeat of the first class today with Orange Crush and my Friendship Quilt.  No pics -- you've seen it in a previous post.

After lunch it is lesson time again.  Now for the paper piecing part of this block.  Trying to catch Bonnie showing a technique without a blurry picture is a challenge.  She is definitely a woman in motion.

Ah - the beginnings of trees.

We are then sent back to see if we can replicate what we have been taught.  Marti manages to create a "falling leaves" tree right off the bat.  Even after being warned about it.  I'm thinking her loss of voice this week contributed to it.  The decision is made not to fix it.  It will stay put this way.  Yay!

Soon trees are popping up everywhere and I have decided that I LOVE this quilt.  It will not languish on my UFO list for long.  Hmmm --- Allison may not exactly love this picture but the others were worse.

Now for some more of Bonnie's surreptitious shots:

Gotta say --- my ugly fabric looks pretty dang sweet now.  AND the tote has dramatically been reduced.  Woohoo.

Crabapple trees all around.

Oh it's time to start packing up but wait --- we want a pic oh so bad of our lovely Our Quilt World Ladies with Bonnie.  I think this one turned out awesome.

As we are packing up and I am getting ready to say good-bye, I am treated to an invite to join the fun again tomorrow.  Bonnie tells me that there is an opening and Lisa (owner of Fabric Fanatics) verifies and welcomes me as well.  Oh yay!  I get to play with the gals for another day but have to be a good little girl and not give anything away since it is a mystery class and a repeat of the one I took on day one.  I'm feeling pretty dang lucky anyway.  See ya tomorrow.

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  1. Another great post!! So glad you came back for the final day -- it would not have been the same without you. Hugs, Allison