Friday, December 19, 2014

Grand Illusion Clue #4 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

It's 3:30 in the morning, not a soul in sight . . . I am about to break into song here.  Oh where, oh where can my little clue be, oh where oh where can it be?  I am sick.  Truly.  Who does this?  Now the big question arises:  Do I stay up and keep peeking or do I be an intelligent human and go back to bed for some much needed sleep?  Well, duh --- obviously I'll just work on the blog and kill some time.

3: 56 --  nope - back to the post I am working on.
4:07 -- yep!  Posted 3 minutes ago.  What is it?  More broken dishes.  Well alrighty then.  Let's get breaking.  I guess it will be another cutting day.  Not quite as many though and half of the HST's are already made.  Now . . . back to bed.

Okay - it's 7:30 and time to get to work.  I quickly get the house in order, get my poor old body dressed, make some cocoa and settle in to work.  I am on my own today so I think it will keep me focused.  Can I knock this clue out today.  I'm gonna give it a valiant effort.

Fortunately -- I have yellow and black strips left from previous clues so it takes me all of about 15 minutes to get the squares cut.  Yes!  Now for the triangles.  Out comes the trusty Easy Angle ruler and I kid you not -- within an hour, I have all my pieces ready to go.  Awesome.  I only had to cut the aqua strips -- all the neutrals were standing by to be used.

I run a test seam and check to see how I am doing -- perfect.  Let's sew.

In less than an hour I have all the HST's ready to press and another 15 minutes of trimming dog ears leaves me with all my little squares ready to go.  A quick run to the bedroom to retrieve my glass ornament from the tree allows me to open it and add in these few "ears".  Back on the tree it goes.

Now to start adding the yellow and black squares.  It takes about an hour to get one set of 40 finished, lay them out on the board, iron, clip, and match up for sewing.  Now to put these together and see what we have.  After making so many of these broken dish units lately, these sure do seem to be going together easy.  Practice does indeed make perfect.

Ah yes, the first one looks perfect.  Now to spin the seams.  yep - looks good.  Let's get that chain going.  Soon they are all together, pressed and seams spun.  Now for the second set -- gotta make sure I put them together the opposite way.

My second batch of 40 is complete and in a stack to be pressed.  It is only 3:30.  Wow!  Soooo much faster than clue 1.  Well -- in all fairness 80 of the HST's were already made.  Even still.  I am going to be finished before Mister gets home and that will leave me with all week to work on other items.  Time I definitely need.

By 4:00 --- all my little pretties are finished and nested in their tray.  Isn't this just yummy looking?  I certainly think so.  Bring on clue 5.

Thank you so very much for this Bonnie.  I LOVE having the scrap user's system in place and am so very thankful for all that you have taught me.  Please make sure to link back to Bonnie here.  You can always find my Grand Illusion posts by clicking the tab at the top of the blog.

MY (I am wording it this way because I always make extra units for fun in the back and for variety) piece count thus far: 2, 736 plus 880 in my bonus HST's.  Cool.


  1. Great Christmas ornament filled with trimmings. Now get some sleep! ;)

    1. Thank you and I wish there was sleep coming. Not until Christmas is past -- still have gifts that are not complete.

  2. Blog surfing and found your blog from Bonnie's...your blog made me smile. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I love your fabrics--great colors! Hope you don't lose any more sleep over this mystery quilt though! Merry Christmas!

    1. Welcome to my world, lol. Thanks for stopping by. I am one of those who cannot sleep when excited and apparently I have been pretty excited over this mystery. I hope you are enjoying it as well.