Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bonnie Hunter Weed Whacker Class - Fabric Fanatics

It is New Years Eve and I am in heaven.  After a trip to Denton this morning to drop off my granddaughter with Jen for a few days, I am about to immerse myself in lots of tiny pieces of fabric.  I have four days of classes with Bonnie Hunter and today is day one.  Woohoo.  I feel as though I have been waiting forever for this week to get here.  This has become an annual event for me and I am now on year three of spending New Years in this fashion.  I do hope that it lasts for at least a few more too.

Today's class is Weed Whacker and I arrive about 45 minutes before class begins.  As I walk in the door, Bonnie recognizes me and welcomes me with a big old bear hug and points me to the "fun" table to sit at.  Obviously, I obey and settle in.  Allison is just across the aisle from me and Irene and Melissa are at my table -- it is great.  All alumni from last year.  I feel honored just to be included with them and am so amazed by their talent.  I hope to draw knowledge from all while here.

While I am setting up, Allison comes and steals my camera to take a picture of me at my machine for the blog.  Isn't she just oh so sweet.  Oh --- while I was driving here from Denton this morning, I kept licking my lips and was so bummed that I had forgotten chapstick.  As I settled into my area, what do you suppose my wonderful friend brings me?  I didn't even let her know I needed it yet.  She told me a funny story about how it had fallen from a closet as she was packing and she thought "I'll take this to Deb."  Allison is one inspired lady and I am so glad to have her in my life.

It's time to start.  Everything is in place and Bonnie is ready to give direction.  I pull out my teal and brown strips. Time to sew.  Very quickly I have a stack of twosies and start pressing them to move on to the next stage.  I am so loving these colors together.   There is much love and laughter in the room and soon we all have wonderful little stacks ready to make into blocks.

Bonnie is moving about the room taking pics of all.  Here is my wonderful table mates and me

We are all busily sewing away and lunch arrives before we know it.  With lunch comes show and tell.  I brought a few quilts to show and share my Lazy Sunday along with both Celtic Solstice.  I always seem to have my mouth open when pictures are taken.  Perhaps I could learn something from this.

After lunch it is back to work.  Time to put the sew and flip ends on.  In the process, we get bonus HST's -- how wonderful is that?  When I get the units finished, I start putting together my quarter blocks and as soon as I have a little stack, I turn to Bonnie to create my first block.  This has become tradition.  She has always put together the first one and I love it.  I take her layout and return to my machine.  Here is the result.

Now to just keep the process going.  I get another block made and attached.  Ooooooh  I am so lovin' this.

 And now for some fun to end the day.  See ya'll tomorrow.  Same quilt time, same quilt channel.


  1. I'm loving this colour combo. And a new block to love, just as I was thinking my 2" strips were getting out of hand. Now off to weed whack the bunch of them in to some blocks.

    1. Thank you Mary. I can't believe how cool it is turning out and I LOVE this block. Nice and easy. Now go tame those strips so I can see what you come up with.

  2. Such a great day spent in good company while playing with our fabric choices! It is fun to suprise you and thank you oodles for my fabric strip of the day. You are such a blessing to me!

    1. It was a great day and I simply could not ask to be with finer people. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with me and enjoying creating together.