Saturday, December 13, 2014

Grand Illusion Clue #3 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

Do you realize how exciting it can be when you go to bed at night on Thursday and you know that tomorrow is Friday?  I know, I know -- it happens approximately 52 times each year.  What makes this so special you ask --- well Clue 3 of course.  I sleep like a baby these days and my absolute best sleep is between 4 and 7 in the morning.  HOWEVER, not when I know there is a clue waiting for me.  I wake around 4 and know that it is probably up but force myself back to sleep.  That lasts until 5:30 and then my brain apparently can't stand the suspense any longer and wakes me back up again.  All right, all right.  Let's go see what Miss Bonnie has in store for us today.  Oh yes!  2/4 8 patches.  Love them.  Since I'm up, I might as well get ready for the sit and sew.  I put everything away last week and now need to set it all up again.  Today:  the den as we have a bit more room in there and the tree is taking up space in the living room.  Here we go.  I am making homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch when Candy arrives.

She is followed shortly by Jennifer who sets me straight in the coffee making category.  She has arrived with pumpkin bread in hand and along with Candy's gingersnaps, we are ready to go.   With coffee and bread, let the work begin.  The conversation is fantastic and once again time is spent mostly cutting and marking.  Do you see the two small totes on the table in the picture above?  Those are my strips in the size I need today.  I am able to pull out a wonderful variety of blacks and neutrals and a few greens.  I will only have to cut green strips today.  Wow.  I LOVE this system.  I get all my strips cut and it is time for lunch.

All right -- let's sew some strips together, shall we?

Sadly, Candy has to leave but happily, Janet arrives and our trio is complete again.  I so love this opportunity to get to know others in a smaller group setting.  It's sad to see Jennifer leave, but Janet and I get a grand chance to visit and get to know each other better.  My strip sets are coming together nice.  I am a lovin' this color combo.  Oh yummy.  Now to turn those doubles into quads and then put them face to face to cut the substrips.  Do they come out the right size?  Yeppers.  Woohoo.  Time to cut.

Look at all these little piles of green and white fun.  There are 141 of the little buggers.  Tomorrow I sew!

I want this clue behind me and quick.  First thing in the morning I am up and stitching away.  In less than 2 hours, I have my completed units.  Very fun!  Some chain pressing and snipping and they stack up quick.  Now -- to move onto Christmas gifts again.  This is behind me until next Friday.  I love my tray of happiness.

Please link back to Bonnie here so that you can check out everyone else's blogs and pictures.  This is just so much fun.  You can always find my Grand Illusion posts by clicking the tab at the top of the blog.  See you next week and keep creating.

MY (I am wording it this way because I always make extra units for fun in the back and for variety) piece count thus far:  2,376 plus 880 in my bonus HST's.  Cool.

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