Saturday, December 6, 2014

DFW Meetup - McKinney

Yesterday, I told Mister that I was going to McKinney in the morning and if he wanted to come along and hang out for awhile, he was more than welcome.  Then, our daughter called and let us know that our grandson was going to be playing soccer in Carrollton that afternoon.  We decided to make a day of it and after a stop at White Rock Coffee, we are on our way.

The reason for my trip to McKinney is that the "Quilt Ladies" (I call them that) are meeting up for brunch and an afternoon of quilt shop hopping.  How fun!  I LOVE McKinney and take advantage of every opportunity to go there.  Since Mister and I have arrived a bit early, a quick walk down one of the streets kills some time.  Isn't it cool when the old brick walls are allowed to show in stores and restaurants?  I really like it.

Apparently my eye is picking up things today that it usually misses.  Look at these lovely columns.

Well -- and these of course.

And a very simply decorated courthouse.

Yay!  It's time to go and meetup.  Mister goes off to do his thing and I have time to visit with some great and talented ladies about everything in life.  From grands to quilting and everything in between, the conversation never lags.  We get to share pictures with one another of things that bring us joy - what a great time.   Please meet Denice, Lee Ann, Margaret, Bonnie, Suzanne, Becky, and Debra.  So much fun.  We enjoy our meal and visit for over an hour before I get itching to shop. Let's go.  Suzanne has blessed me with a bag of scraps also, so my bright pink bag and I are off with the gang.

The first stop on our "hop" is at Happiness is Quilting and I absolutely love this store.  I also know that they are having a sale on batiks so I head straight there.  Lucky me!  I spot an aqua fabric that will be perfect for the mystery on the sale rack as well.  Woohoo.  This shop is so sweet and has gifted each one of us with a fat quarter just for coming in.  How cool is that?  (Today's treasure in the small picture.)  Best line of the day:  As we are walking in Suzanne says to me "not my kind of store."  She then picked up a pattern 10 steps into the store and when we were checking out -- her arms were full.  Another "Happiness" convert.

Sad to say, I have to leave the ladies here and let them continue on to the rest of the stores.  I now need to head to Carrollton for some chicken at Babe's and a soccer game.  Carry on ladies and I can't wait for the next get together.

As an extra here:  We did get to stop in the little shop right near Babe's on the square in Carrollton.  I don't remember the name of it but it is a darling little shop.  A little odd though --- Seriously -- no fat quarters anywhere!  And we walked the entire store twice to make sure.  Oh well.


  1. Oh, I enjoyed this post, thank you for the really nice pics of Christmas decorations in town....your colorful quilt is Spectacular!! just wow.....and a very nice group of Happy Ladies! What's not to love?!
    Debra in Ma.

    1. Thanks Debra. I live in Dallas, but adore McKinney and go there as often as I can. It embodies the old town square spirit like no other place I know.