Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Finished Non-Quilty Craft Items


Ashton Baby Girl - afghan in pink and white.  Several new stitches for me.


Ashton Baby Girl - burp cloth and blanket set from flannel with crocheted thread edging.  All new technique for me.


Baby blue afghan - hated the yarn, love the blanket.  Again, new stitches for me.


Spool Doilies for all the ladies at the retreat.  Learned how to do a "magic circle" (picture taken before the ends were worked in)

One very old tea towel -- finished the embroidery.  When I pulled these out, there were 2 finished and 5 to go.  Now 4.



Fixed the grandchildren pillow to include Ophelia.


After:  Clearly the original was better, but it is there.

Four hats (3 shown as one was a duplicate) from organic yarn.  Birthday gifts for Amanda, Rhiana (both were the beanie style), Becca (the visor), and Cassie (20's).  

Alphabet bears for Ophelia.  Bought the ceramic bisque and painted myself, with a little help from Zyra on base coat.  For some reason I don't have a finished picture with them in order.  Ugh.

Crocheted Spool Doilies - for November retreat gifts.  Made while sitting in airport on the way to see Cassie.


Tote Bags for November retreat gifts.  All made from denim in my thrift store bonanza and leftover orphan blocks found in that same treasure.  Made while visiting my new granddaughter Ophelia in Provo, Utah.


Spool Doilies - More retreat gifts.  Made while on the plane going to and returning from Colorado.

Beanies - gifts for my grandsons while in Colorado.  First time working with chunky yard and I love them.

Love them even more this way:

I also made a red one to leave with them and added poms to the top of the others.

A quick hat for my son-in-law as well.


Sewing Mats --- kinda a quilt item but putting it here anyway.  I spent some time at retreat working on these without any pattern.  Made two for myself, one for Jen, one for Stephannie, and one for the lady who runs the retreat (upon request).


Sewing Mats - Made two more sewing mats.  Gave one to Jennifer M.  Kept one for myself.

Ornaments - Bought glass ornaments and filled with "dog ears" from Celtic Solstice Mystery (2), Wanderlust Mystery, Grand Illusion (mystery currently working on), and a Row Robin I am participating in.  They are on my little tree in my bedroom this year.

Two more hats.  One gifted to my son for his birthday.  I messed with him by adding the poms.  They were attached with a safety pin.

A messenger bag I made for my granddaughter.  The polka dot fabric is the lining and it has a pocket inside as well.

Two more beanies for son-in-laws.  Mister likes how these turned out and wants one as well.  They are super soft.

I think that is it for this year.  I had hoped to finish a few more sewing mats, but it just plain old isn't going to happen.  It's been such a fun year though and next month I am back to ceramics to do a tea set for a granddaughter's upcoming birthday.  Looking forward to 2015.


  1. So much fun stuff, made with so much love.

    1. Thank you so very much Mary. It was fun to break away from the quilting now and then and work with other wonderful materials.