Sunday, May 8, 2016

Roll Roll Cotton Boll - Clue 5 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

I am at retreat and almost forgot to post this week's clue.  Are you ready to make about a bazillion hst's?  Well that and a few precut squares is on the agenda this week.

First up -- match up those neutral/red strips.  (I am replacing red with teal).  Cut, cut, cut with your easy angle ruler until you reach the goal.  Oh my. I went through a LOT of strips and my bucket for this size neutrals is dang empty.  Wow.

Next -- you guessed it.  All of those darling pair need to be sewn.  Here we go.  It makes quite a mountain.

After sewing comes the inevitable pressing and cutting apart.  But wait --- a picture opportunity.

This is definitely going to take awhile thus the decision is made to watch That 70's Show while working in the hopes that it makes it seem a little less mundane.  It works BUT I go through FOUR episodes before I am finished.  I have been standing her a very long time.

The last step --- let's de-dog ear them.  I am left with a lovely bag of dog ears for an ornament later this year.  Oh, and yep -- a lovely stack of units too.  Woohoo.  That's it for today but always remember that if you click on the summary tab at the top of the blog, you will be able to follow a link to purchase Bonnie's book if you wish to play along. See ya next week.  Bring on clue 6.

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  1. Gonna try the AccuQuilt for the rest of the units I need to make. FOUR episodes of That 70's Show??!! Yikes all that standing!! Hugs, Allison