Friday, May 6, 2016

Pop-up Bag Tutorial Missing Some Pictures

At retreat I am teaching these fat quarter pop-up bags from Fat Quarter Gypsy so I thought I would keep track of what I was doing and share it with you here.  You need to purchase one of their kits/patterns in order to make these.

Step one:  Using the circle pattern that comes with the pop-up, draw two circles on the top edge on the narrow side of the fat quarter.  (White lines are there - look close)

Cut the size of fabric your pattern calls for from the side opposite your drawings, You now have two pieces of your fat quarter.

Step two:  Iron a piece of fusible interfacing to your  remaining fat quarter.  Mark the center of both long edges on the right side of the fabric.

Step 3:  Cut out the circles and from your remaining fabric cut a 1" x 3" strip for the optional hanging loop.  The two small pieces of fabric in the upper right of this picture is what remains of your fabric.

Step 4:  Trim the label (it comes in the kit) so that when folded in half you see a complete trailer.  Attach it with a pin at the lower right LONG edge of your fabric (on the good side of the fabric) so that the bottom of it rests at the 2 1/2" mark.  Take the elastic (it came in your kit too) and fold it in half to create a loop and attach it with a pin to the same raw edge 2" below the label.  To make the optional hanging loop:  Fold long raw edges to center of strip, press.  Fold in half again the same way and topstitch down.  Now fold in half with raw edges together to form a circle (loop) and attach it with a pin to the same raw edge at 6" above the the bottom of the fabric. All three items are vertically pinned to the same edge of fabric and will all be caught in the same seam.  (not shown but you get the idea)  You can baste these in place if you wish at this point.

Step 5:  I was so busy making this bag that I forgot pictures from here on.  It's easy though -- I'm sure you can follow me.  Fold with right sides together (the long way -- so that your pinned items will now be in the seam.  Making sure they stay inside and are not caught in the seam and with right sides together, sew 1/4" seam to close the short side, making a tube.  Turn right sides out, fold flat along seam, and mark the centers on both top and bottom.

Step 6:  With WRONG SIDES TOGETHER, fold the tube into itself and match up the raw edges.  All of your attachments should be inside the tube.  Topstitch close to the edge of the fold.

Step 7:  Get your POP-UP but DO NOT REMOVE THE TAPE.  Slide your pop-up down between the layers of your tube.  Line up the taped edges between your marked edges.  Work it down to the bottom.  It may be snug but don't worry, it will loosen up later.  DO NOT REMOVE THE TAPE.  Take your four safety pins and pin one about an inch away from the pop-up --- through all layers -- at each of your marked spots.  Oh my, just pin them four equidistant places around the tube.

Once the pins are in place, slide your scissors down to the pop-up and release the tapes, removing them.  See, everything stays put.

Step 8:  Smooth tube edges, matching marks.  You can pin and baste this together now if you wish.  IN A CIRCLE.  Do not close it with a seam.  Get your circles that you cut out and with wrong sides together, sew them in a 1/4" seam using a long stitch.  Now make sure that your label/etc. are on the inside of the tube.  You may have to turn it that way.

Step 9:  Using 1/4" seam allowance, sew the circle to the opening in your tube.  You will have to ease now and then to make it work.  Sometimes this easing takes a LOT of pins to make happen.  Thus, the long stitch used to make tiny gathers if need be.

Step 10:  TURN the Pop-Up right side out.  Your label should now be on the outside.  It's okay -- just roll it on out.  NOW you may remove the safety pins and voila --- it should POP-UP.  All in all --- not more than an hour and a half of your time.  How cute is this?

These bags come in many sizes and all the pop-up refills can be ordered through Fat Quarter Gypsy.  Here are all four sizes that I have now made.  Good luck.

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  1. I can't imagine my sewing life with out my little pop-up! Thank you my friend!! Hugs, Allison