Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Restoring A 301 Table

It all started Jan 17 while we were out antiquing.  We stopped in at a store in Garland where I spotted three "card" tables in a back room.  I knew right away what they were and went to the front to inquire as to the price of them.  Once I had a price, I called a friend and wanted to know if she wanted one of the 2 Featherweight tables.  Of course she did.  I wanted the 301 table for myself but it was missing the insert so I went back up front to negotiate the price.  Once we agree on a price, back to the room I went to really look at the third table.  We came to the conclusion that it was not worth the price as it had severe issues and may not even be able to work as a Featherweight table again.  We took the two tables up front and explained to her about the third table.  She told us to just take it off her hands for free, so Mister went back to retrieve it as well.  Three tables walked out the door with us and I was floating.

Here are the before pictures of my 301 table:

Mister set to work on them and after sanding and stripping things down the top gets restained and the sides and bottom get fresh coats of paint.  Finding the matching colors always takes time, but Mister does such a good job.

Here is the finished product --- what an amazing gift for me.  It is now going to retreat with me.  Yay!

Yes ---- the truly awesome part is that it is a LONGBED table.   Oh happy day!  Doesn't Annie look gorgeous sitting in here?

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