Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Making a Portable Design Wall

When Mister asked what I wanted for my birthday, I only asked for two things.  One was a portable design wall.  Today we are tackling that project.

We have purchased two sheets of foam core board and the guy at Home Depot was kind enough to cut them for us into 4 2x6 pieces and 2 2x4 pieces.  We are only going to tackle the large ones this time.  While Mister is at work, I attach some crazy yellow/black fabric to the bottom edge of my white flannel to give it a "kickboard" effect.  This may stop people from walking into the bottom edge and sending the whole thing flying.  It might not, but it's worth a try -- PLUS Mister thought I had cut the flannel just a bit too short.  Dual purpose attachment.

First up --- clean the surface so that the adhesive will stick.  Yes, the driveway is a mess.  It just keeps raining around here.

We then lay the flannel piece over the foam board exactly where we want it.

Folding back the upper half, the adhesive spray is applied.  Repeat for other end.

After the fabric has been smoothed and attached to the front, we flip it over and mark down the side how much overhang we desire.  Yes - combining quilting and carpentry tools all in one.  We are good.

We then trim off the excess fabric from both sides.

Last step is to apply the adhesive and smooth the back strips down, carefully doing the corners just as I would for a regular quilt binding.  Voila - one board is down.  Two to go.  The three pieces will just sit against the wall together for a large board to work on or they can be carried off individually for smaller projects.  Watch for posts on the upcoming retreats to see it in action.

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