Friday, April 17, 2015

Meet and Greet -- Warehouse District Shopping

After 10 days of testosterone in my house (3 grandsons and Mister) I am ready for some girl time.  Stephannie has set up a brunch and shopping trip to the warehouse district and I am so ready for it.  LeeAnn and Candy pick me up (I have such nice friends) and we are the first to arrive at The Original Pancake House on Northwest Highway.  The manager is ready for us and takes us right back to our table.

As ladies keep arriving, our tables grows and grows.  Soon, there are 20 of us and it is so very nice to see old friends and make new ones.  Our table is treated to three of the restaurants famous Apple Pancakes complimentary and they are absolutely delicious.  We keep trying to get a group picture and are soon rescued by the staff for this as well.  Yay!  Look at all these wonderful smiling faces.

Okay - our bellies are full -- we have visited awhile -- and it is definitely time to shop.  Let's go.  Stephannie Brown snapped the picture to the left with the caption:  "You might just be entering a fabric warehouse."  Perfect.

We stop at C&C on Perth Street first and wander that entire area, stopping in various shops and finding treasures everywhere.

I am able to locate more of the white fabric that I need at the Fabric Wherehouse and am thrilled.  While there, we are also shown their new "quilting fabric" room and I am pretty sure several people walked away with fun new fabric from that spot.  I know I will be going back and making use of it in the future and hope all the others do as well.  Top name quilting cotton for $5.00 a yard.  Minky for $7.99 a yard.  Go people Go!  Allison meets up with us down here on Perth and we are able to check in with each other while wandering the shops.  I have to laugh at Lucille as each time she wants to get my attention, she raises her hand as if she is in school.  Too funny.  It's time to move on to our last stop and everyone's arms are already full.  Yay Stephannie - it looks like your event is a smashing success -- from the food to the fabric -- everyone is happy.

We are off to Golden D'or now (pictures again compliments of Stephannie) which is a bit more organized and less "warehousy" than the others but also has more selection.  I think we are all here at once and soon the place is buzzing with people helping each other find exactly what they need or don't need and want anyway.  Fawn and her mother have managed to fill a cart - no surprise there.

Fun with friends.  Love these moments.  Thanks Stephannie for sending these pictures.

And now to return the favor:  I give you the lady herself.

And Tammy's cart is full as well.  I can't wait to see what these all turn into.  Perhaps some will be made at retreat.

What a great time!  I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and found just what I needed.  It's time to say our good-byes and hit the road back home.  Thank you, Stephannie, for putting this together and I just can't wait for the next one.


  1. Debi thanks for the blog post. What a great time we had - fabric, good and friend therapy. It was well needed

    1. I LOVE these chances to get together and share a common passion. That you so much for setting it up.