Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Small Group Time

I have been invited by Tonya to attend a "small group" meeting in Grand Prairie tonight.  I am not totally sure what it all involves but want to give it a shot.  Mister hurried home from work so that I can have the car and I am off.

It takes me almost an hour to get to Rose's house, so I don't know if this will work out often or not.  Once I get in the house, Tonya, Meghan, and Rose make me feel so welcome that I already feel at home.  I mention the time issue and they are willing to change the time so that it is easier for me.  These gals are really on the ball and looking for a way to do charity quilts.  I think the decision is to go with the LINUS project in a few months when everyone has cleared up their schedule and can devote time to it.  I'm kind of excited about it as well since I haven't participated in anything like that yet.

We have a great time talking and sharing and time flies quickly.  I hope to be able to  join them at least twice a month and that we can have a great time working on projects and learning together.  Thanks Meghan, Rose, and Tonya (listed as pictured) for making me a part of your group.  See you next week.


  1. Deb, A good time was had by all! We really enjoyed the energy that you brought! I can't wait to have more fun and especially looking forward to my first retreat!

    1. I REALLY enjoyed myself and I promise to be more quiet next time, lol. Thanks for welcoming me with open arms.