Monday, February 16, 2015

Easy Street - Fabrics and Cutting - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

When I first decided to get back into quilting a couple of years ago, I started out by lucking into a Bonnie Hunter mystery class in Plano, Texas.  That class turned out to be Lazy Sunday, but while at it several ladies were talking excitedly about "Easy Street".  I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about but it didn't take me long to find out.  I have tried to keep up with all mysteries since then and when a group of ladies in the Quiltville Open Studio Facebook group decided to do a repeat of it, I decided to jump right in.  Fortunately, the paint cards were still available and once I picked them up (see previous post), I started pulling fabrics.  I wrote down what I needed to get for constants and hoped that while at retreat I would be able to find a few of them.  I was able to find the grey, dark purple for binding, and fuchsia for inner border.  I still am on the hunt for a turquoise outer border.  I was also gifted a couple of greens at retreat and about half a dozen purples - thank you Fawn.  (And now I must confess that this picture was taken AFTER cutting.  This is what is still left.)

My girlfriend, Jennifer, decided that she wanted to do this quilt also so we set up a day to cut for it and share fabric, thus giving us each twice the variety.  So Monday, I was off to her house to spend time cutting fabric into strips and hopefully some subcuts.

It was so nice to spend a day with a friend and let me tell you, her studio is what I aspire to have some day.  Oh my.  It is lovely to say the least.  It felt like I was working in a quilt shop - seriously.  We had such a nice day together visiting and cutting away but the time got away from us so quick that we had to push to try and get all the strips cut.  The green and turquoise are subcut but purple and white will have to be done on our own. I'm was thrilled with what we accomplished and just know that these quilts are going to be beautiful.  I packed up my own stuff before taking a picture so here is a shot of Jen's strips and precuts.  Don't you just love the colors.

Today, I set a goal to finish cutting for this quilt.  I started with the grey strips and then tackled the white w/black.  I thought my stack was going to be sufficient, but no way.  I had to cut at least 15 more strips, probably closer to 20.  Wow.  It's a good thing I still had quite a few pieces leftover but I am definitely low on white w/black prints now.  Goodness.  I then cut all the purple and called it quits after about 3 hours.  I am ready for clue 1.  (Under the 20 grey strips are 20 white w/black ones in addition to what you see cut.)

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