Friday, October 21, 2016

Fun With Allison and Arboretum Beauty

Fall is absolutely here in Texas and I have managed to sneak in an extra day with Allison before I leave town.  I'm wearing my socks that Leanne gave me while at the beach and I'm ready to walk and talk while enjoying a cup of coffee and the beauty that the Arboretum provides us.

We meet up and are out the door quick as can be.  I'm so ready for today.  Theoretically, we are not supposed to take pictures in the garden before 9 a.m. but I sneak a few that won't reflect on the garden in a bad light.  (They don't want to ruin the illusion by having all the maintenance workers in the pictures --- can't blame them.)

Oooooh -- it looks like the Christmas displays are going up.

Now for the pumpkins.  We wander around the area until 9 when we are able to ask another patron to take our picture for us.  It's time for a new one.

Here's a glimpse around the Autumn at the Arboretum Pumpkin Village.

We loved this gourd that looks like a lovely green apple and the one that reminds us of  Gonzo.

Sunshine on a post.

And as we exit -- a couple more wonderful moments.

What a great time.  Now to head home and SEW for awhile.  We are doing mini stations today so as not to mess up the house before I leave town.  Poor Mister puts up with my clutter EVERYWHERE all the time and I am trying ever so hard to make that not happen as much.

I am trying to finish a pillow I have been working on since I was in Utah last month.  I would like to take it with me so that is today's task.  This is the first time I have used my Sew EZ table.  I think I like it.

First things first.  All supplies have been gathered.  I found the bee fabric at Joann's this past weekend and some cool black and yellow too.  Meanwhile, Allison has plates lined with pieces for her Scrap Crystals blocks.  I have those in a project box somewhere too.  Once upon a time I was delusional enough to believe I would make them.  Perhaps at some point in the future but for now, they are okay where they are.  I peek over and she has a block completed to use as a road map for the others.  I really like these colors together.

Once I have the back pieced for my pillow, I set to making the strips needed for the ruffles while Allison chains away creating a wonderful spiral work of art on the floor below the machines.

Isn't it cool the way that works.  They just fall right into the pattern naturally.  Is this the fibonacci sequence at work?  I believe it must be.

If not, please tell me what makes this happen.

Mister takes a picture of us together before Allison has to leave so that we can show Bonnie we have received our treasures from her.  Oh my, it's a bad hair day for me.

I am still working away on this damn (yes, I said it) ruffle.  Nothing has gone easy for me with it and I am now having to pin each side with hundreds of pins for the gathers and then sew one side at a time.  I WILL overcome and finish this thing today.  Finally, it happens.  I have it turned and ready to stuff.  Yay - another thing off my "to do" list.  I love it and into the suitcase it goes.  See ya'll later and thank you to Allison for another perfect day.

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  1. Wow!! Another wonderful day together and so full of last minute fun before you headed out to Utah. So wanted to get your Bonnie goodies to you too (thank you Mister for cropping out my glorious thunder thighs). Hugs, Allison in Plano