Thursday, October 13, 2016

Allietare Clue #6 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

1/1/16  Happy New Year!  The first thing Bonnie did this morning when she walked into class was to hang THIS:  OH MY.  How gorgeous is this?

2/4/16 While at retreat I manage to put one of each block together.  Woohoo.  I LOVE them.

9/10/16  This has been on the back burner for a very long time now.  Why?  Who knows.  I am now at a beach quilt retreat in Surfside, TX and have moved these blocks to the top of the list.  It only takes me a day to crank them out and then I take all the leftover bits and pieces to make a few "special" blocks for the back.  I kind of like them though.

Now onto the setting triangles, which are also pieced.

The final step is always pressing, pressing, pressing.  Will I get the seams going the right direction.  Likely not as usual.

It's after midnight and I need some rest -- everything is ready for setting now.  Good night.

9/14/16  We are in the "between" days of retreat.  One retreat weekend at each end of 10 days.  Since many have gone, there is some floor space to lay this all out.  Therefore, I am taking over.  Now to sew ANOTHER on point top.  Once sewn, the edges are trimmed and a narrow yellow inner border is attached.  Oh, we are getting close now.

The last border goes on next.  Love, love, love the black.

Since I brought the entire Allietare project box with me, I have all the backing fabrics that have been accumulated since the beginning of the year.  Time for some fun.

9/15/16  With a top, backing, label, and bias binding made -- this baby is ready to quilt.

9/28/16  My sweet friend, Allison Bayer, took this lovely top and gifted me her expertise in quilting.  She used the "Flounce" pattern and I am beyond thrilled with it.  Today is pick up day.  If you need a top quilted, please find her information HERE or you can click on her small promo ad on the left side of this blog.

10/3/16  Oh I am SOOOO very scared today.  I am cutting into the lovely quilted border to make a scalloped edge as directed by Bonnie Hunter.  Please, please, please don't let me ruin this beautiful top.

The pattern fits perfect and I am thrilled.  Now to pin on the label.  Whoa.  I'm having a "what was I thinking?" moment.  I made my usual triangle label and no longer have a square edge to attach it to.  Well, alrighty then.  Let's just lay it under the corner and trim to match.

Okay, now I can pin it in place and start to apply the bias binding.  Have I mentioned that I HATE making bias binding?  Well I grumbled all the way through it's creation at the beach.

10/5  It's Binding Attachment Day.  This is only reaffirming my all consuming dislike of bias binding.  What usually takes me about 20 minutes to sew on sucks over an hour out of my day.

10/13/16  For some reason this quilt has been worked on at many retreats.  The ending is no different.  I am once again at retreat and settled into a soft, comfy chair quietly (well as quiet as I get) hand stitching away.  These are my final moments with this quilt and I am so in love with it.  A nice bonus is that I am finished before the colors for this years mystery have even come out.  Kudos to me.  Here is the untouched TA-DA picture at retreat (I will post a nice outdoor shot as soon as I get Mister and the camera in the same place at the same time).

And the back:


  1. Marvelous ending to a beautiful mystery offered by our quilting hero Bonnie!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  2. Do you know where I can get the pattern for the scalloped edge for this quilt?

    1. It is part of the pattern. I believe you can purchase it via download from Bonnie at Quiltville.