Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tweener Time

9/13 Whew!  One weekend retreat group has departed and we are into the downtime and my "tweener" group.  For the rest of today, tomorrow, and most of Thursday we will be down to 10 people in the house.  It's definitely quieter and yet not all at the same time.  I have to laugh as I look around the almost empty house and see what is taking place now.  Lydia is attempting to mark quilting lines on some fabric and appears to have the same problem I had with the cinnamon rolls last night.  Cans of food to the rescue.  We are nothing, if not inventive here.

The other end of the table has jewelry lessons going on.  You see --- we are not limited here to just quilting although some seem to believe that.  Creativity abounds in many directions.

Ana seems to get the hang of things quite nicely and is soon sporting a lovely pair of earrings.  Now, she needs a pair in each color.  Get going girl.

Meanwhile, Sherri is attempting to come up with a layout for some blocks she has made.  I am voting for the one on the right but there is some dissention in the group.  We'll see how it goes.

I want to take a wee bit of advantage to this time in in two different ways.  I REALLY want to thoroughly enjoy the location and thus am taking every opportunity to walk on the beach and see just what nature puts into my path.  Today -- this lovely beauty posed for a picture.  Too bad my hands were not quite as still.

The lovely ladies that are here for the between days are full of love and laughter for each other.  Tears are flowing and I promise there is not a bit of sadness around.  I think this is one of those "what happens at the beach, stays at the beach" moments.  You'll have to ask those involved.

I have achieved layout with my Allietare top now that the floor space is available.  The rest of the day is spent setting this lovely top.  I do have to admit that I am tiring of "on point" settings.  It's time for just some plan old webbing.  Anyone agree?

Maria has arrived and now our Tweener group is complete. Well, that's it.  Another day is in the books and I have to admit it was a very laid back, wonderful beach day.  It's time to reinstitute the last man standing pics.  Good night from Maria, Ana, and I.  See ya tomorrow.

9/14 Good morning!  I am not the only one enjoying the early morning on the sand.  Walks on the beach are one of the high points and it doesn't hurt that since it is midweek now, the beach is pretty dang empty.

Each time I head down to the water, I spot a new life form peeking about.  This time I have a lovely little sand crab wondering just what I am up to.  A quick glace back up at the house shows that I am not the only one truly soaking up the beach atmosphere.

Sherri has finished her flimsy and guess what?  I chose wisely.  The right layout won and I really do love this.  TA-DA

Since Maria didn't even bring a sewing machine, she has discovered how wonderful Mariah's spot on the sofa is a gets to work tackling a hand project that is deadline oriented for her.  We will all work to keep her focused as this is a "must get done" item.

As we all work on various projects, take naps, or just sit and visit -- the day passes much too quickly.  Sherri and Ana have been preparing dinner for us and the whole house smells divine.  I should stop sewing for a bit as I promised a dessert for tonight.

I am making open-face eclairs this evening and am once again attempting to work magic with two pans.  One is regular and the other is gluten-free.  Even though the doughs work differently, everyone assures me that they taste wonderful.  Once the pastries are baked, it's a simple matter of making the filling and drizzling hot fudge over the whole thing.  Oh my.
After dinner, I look out the window and start to see colors in the sky.  I would really like to get a picture of the sunset but know that it means a walk down the road as our house points the wrong direction.  I take off running as quick as I can but the sun has gone down by the time I get to an open area.  This is the best I can get after literally "chasing the sun."

Once I am back at the house, I point the camera down the beach to get the reflective colors as well.

Group selfie time as we definitely need a "tweener" group picture.  From left to right:  Debi Kendrick, Theresa Irving, Val Venable, Lydia Blalock, Maria Hall, Marcia Eich, Sharron Evans, Deb Hayter, Ana Earl, Sherri Miller.

Oh, and the eclairs?  Well perhaps Sharron's plate licking lets us know just how well they went.

After dark, I ask if anyone wants to go out crab hunting.  I have three yes responses so armed with flashlights we are off and running.  Well walking at least.  The crabs are not as abundant tonight as other nights, but we still have fun and find a few.  Hearing Maria's giggle each time makes it all worthwhile, I promise.  As we are returning to the house, we spot two crabs in romantic mode.  Perhaps we should stop watching and continue on our merry way.

From the deck, our view of the moon tonight is pretty dang sweet.  But from the water it is even better.  One last shot before putting the beach to bed for the night.

When we return to the house,  Val has yet another TA-DA.  This time it's a flimsy and back. Wow, she is just checking things off her list like crazy during her stay here.  She should be a role model to me but apparently I am not capable of mimicking behavior.

I DO manage to get the borders on Allietare as well as the back made and feel good about that at least.

Apparently toys are required tonight as well.

Why did we neglect the  "last man standing" shots during the first weekend?  I don't know why, but it may have something to do with me sleeping so early each evening.  Well that's as good a reason as any.  However, tonight is different.  So -- from those of us standing -- good night.

9/15 Hello world!  It is another glorious Surfside morning and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  Check out the sunrise.

Well it was a wonderful morning -- that is until the clouds started flipping me off.

I am back in the kitchen today making both regular and gluten-free German pancakes for breakfast.  Why?  Well, because I can.  Oh they are just so yummy.

The decision has been made to have a second tweener group shot with food.  Is that all we are doing?  Eating?  Hmmm.  You need to know that we even worked super hard to stage this one.  Some of you think I'm joking.  Oh stop that.

After lunch, the next group of weekend retreaters will start arriving and that means that my "tweeners" are starting to pack up already.  This makes me so very sad.  Maybe I need three weekends down here next year.  To lighten the mood --- bubbles are out once again.

Ah, saying good-bye is never easy.

Okay it is back to the kitchen for me.  I am making a birthday cake for Roberta, who will be joining us for the weekend retreat.  She loves Italian Cream Cakes and I have never made one --- so away I go.

It turns out okay and when finished, improvisation is again being used to create a "cloche" from a mixing bowl.  Into the fridge it goes and I am ready.  Bring on the next group.

From the "Tweeners" and Surfside --- Piece On.


  1. Love, love, love - wishing we were still there!

  2. Too fun!! I definitely want to reach TWEENER status next year! Hugs, Allison