Friday, September 23, 2016

Sleepover and MCM Day

Okay, just let me start out by saying that when Allison and I get together, I completely forget that a camera exists most of the time.  We just have so much fun together and not every minute of that needs to be documented.  Okay?  Now, moving on.

I have not seen Allison in a couple of weeks and have missed her dearly.  Her absence at the beach was felt by all and I am so super glad that she is coming over this morning for a day of sewing, a sleepover, and another day of sewing tomorrow.  I think I have that teenage feeling again.  My friend is coming over to play and she gets to spend the night --- you remember that feeling, right?

By 8:00 I am ready for her.  By 8:30 I am starting to worry and try to call her - no answer on the cell phone.  By 8:45 I call her sweetheart to verify what time she left.  I am in the back of the house when she arrives just before 9:00 and my heart takes a quick dance of relief.  Oh girlfriend, I have been so worried.  What usually takes 30 minutes from her house to mine, took her an hour and a half because of accidents on the way.  Not involving her, but keeping her at bay.  Okay --- all is good now and we are ready to have some fun.  Tea first, deep breaths, and then catching up.

Our day is spent visiting, sewing, watching Under The Tuscan Sun, and sharing good food.  We make a wonderful butternut squash soup and bread for lunch.  If you wish to try it yourself, here is a link to the recipe:  Soup  More sewing takes place and as Allison tackles her stack of paper plates loaded with the cutest Bonnie Hunter block, I am determined to finish, yes finish, the pieces required for the border of Week Whacker.  In the words of Malea, my granddaughter, "I DID IT."

Now onto dinner, a glass of wine and some great conversation with Mister.  Salmon and spinach in phyllo is on the menu and if you wish to have the recipe, click on this link:  Salmon.  It's a wonderful end to our day and we actually go to bed early.  I have not yet totally recovered from retreat and Allison is ready for sleep as well.  See ya tomorrow.

Good morning and it is day two of our girlfriend time.  I want to treat Allison to the same wonderful German pancake that I made at the beach (and have eaten so many times at Cassie's house in Utah) so do that first thing.  Tea, fruit, and conversation round out the breakfast.  We may or may not have other friends arriving today but it's no matter to us.  Time to find the Mad City Mama project and force ourselves to work on it again today.

Before we really get settled down, Allison finds my scarf gift from Stacy Blake.  It is a gorgeous color and I simply love it.  My friend sets to work finding ways to wear it and models for me while doing so.  Yes, we do more than sew.

Okay, okay -- Mad City Mama is calling.  Allison is much further along than I am.  I know, and I thank you for those sniffles.  It DOES seem unfair.  She has ROWS together and I'm still plugging along with blocks.  Hey -- my lamp goes with her 1/2 flimsy.

Nose to the grindstone girl.  You can do this.  I want my blocks finished today.  I have 9 finished, which means I only need 7 more.  It's time to find that little engine again.

We plug along for the morning and then take a break for another round of soup and bread along with a cucumber, tomato salad on the side.  Pretty vegiesaurus meal if you ask me.  Just as we are finishing lunch, Janet arrives and since she is later than she wanted to be, we take time to just be friends and visit with her.  What great fun it is and I do look forward to time with her whenever she can get away from work.  Lee Ann was supposed to stop by but life got in her way so the only sewing that has taken place is by Allison and I.  BUT WAIT --- guess what.  I FINISHED my blocks.  Oh happy dance.  That is enough for today.  Stick a fork in me cos I am done.

It's time to get Allison packed up and on the road to her sweetie.  Janet leaves at the same time and I am once again alone.  Bye to both of you and thank you for enriching my days with your love and friendship.

Now what?  I could sew.  I could not.  Hello Gilmore Girls.

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