Friday, August 5, 2016

Roll Roll Cotton Boll - Clue 7 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

5/23/16 -   Clue 7!!!  Yep  it's already out and since I just finished Clue 6 (only a few days late) --- I'm staying on course.  This week we are making blocks and SETTING them.  Crazy lot to do.

The good thing is that all of the little pieces are already made so it just takes time to sew these up.  I'm loving the first set of blocks.  I think the teal absolutely pops.  How fun is this?

5/24 - It's National Tiara Day and I am decked out to sew.   I am just going to sit and put the first set of blocks together one right after the other.  I have been gifted by Allison with the best pin cushion EVER!  What fun.

By the time the daylight is gone, I have a nice stack of blocks finished.  No, I'm not through all of them yet, but I have made progress.

Bonnie is having Quilt-Cam tonight and I have the perfect thing to work on so that I can sit and watch.  All of my string blocks need to be squared and then cut in half.  Is anyone else as petrified as me to do this part?  All that work and we are going to slice it up?  Here I go - oh my.  That's enough for today.  My heart is still doing flip flops.

5/25 - Okay this is it.  The blocks are being tackled once again and soon my floor is simply covered with colorful fun.  I sure hope the neutrals tone down that teal a bit when it call comes together otherwise -- well it's kinda "there".

Now, onto the string blocks.  Yep, they have to be sewn together now.  I know -- sew, then cut up, then sew again.

Well by golly - if the blocks are finished it must be time to do a layout.  Right?  Oooh, oooh, oooh -- I am so loving this and I was right -- the neutrals toned down the teal.  Drat --- I see some mistakes -- well I'll just pull those out and fix them up right away.

5/26 - For my evening entertainment, I start sewing the rows together.  When doing an on-point layout, I take what I learned from Bonnie Hunter and sew two separate halves.  I am about 3/4 of the way through the first half when I call it quits.  And NO --- I didn't take a single picture.

NOW Fast forward to Aug 5 - My poor top has been sitting in the EXACT same place since May 26.  Seriously.  It has been laying on my living room coffee table and people who have been to my house can testify to this.  It's very sad, but true and this is through lots and lots of grands.  Oh my.  However today this is all going to change.  I AM going to have the center finished today.  Let's get to it.  I start around 10:00 and it is finished at 2:00.  I know that seems like a crazy long time, but I gotta say --- don't like the string blocks ability to stretch.  That kinds slows the whole show down until the old brain kicks in after the first hour and as I'm connecting the blocks to each other I remember to put the string block on the bottom and let the feed dogs help me.  Duh.  I get down to having the two halves finished before remembering to take a picture for ya'll.  I know -- geez Deb.

One seam to go and ta-da --- we have a center.  Woohoo.  Onto Clue 8.  That's all I have for today but always remember that if you click on the summary tab at the top of the blog, you will be able to follow a link to purchase Bonnie's book if you wish to play along.  I am HOPING to have the next clue finished before I leave town Monday.  Cross your fingers everyone.


  1. Oh Deb! It is wonderful! I know you can make your goal of getting the next clue done by Monday. Thanks for the share and all the encouragement on Our Quilt World to get this beauty finished. I am so pleased with mine; just need to bind it! Hugs, Allison

    1. I think I can . . . I think I can . . .