Friday, September 4, 2015

Ribbons of Love - Clue 2

Woohoo --- It's Clue 2 time.  Welcome back.  Ooooohhh, you are going to love this clue.  To me it just looks so calming and well, wonderful.  This week is a very easy clue since I am out of town and unable to answer questions.  Enjoy.

Combo Unit  - Make 52 - 4 Brick Combos  Are you ready?  Please READ ALL THE WAY through the clue before beginning.

FIND your option below:

True Scrappy:  Do you already have these?  If not, get your scraps out and cut, cut, cut.  You will 52 - 2" x 5" bricks of each color.

Scrappy:  You will need to determine how many to cut out of your total number of strips to get 52 - 2" x 5" bricks of each color.  Again, here is my example.  I have 13 greens.  That means I cut 4 from each of them.  Math, math, math.

You should have something pretty like this when you are finished.  PUT YOUR STACKS IN THIS ORDER!!

Now, start sewing those bricks together.  I web mine because that way nothing gets out of order, but do whatever works best for you.  All you are really interested in is getting 52 blocks with all the colors in the correct order.

Look at this absolutely delightful table of joy.  Oh tell me that doesn't look calming.  You can't, I know.

Head for the ironing board and give everyone a happy press.

Controlled Scrappy/Constant:  You will need 14 (7 WOF) strips of each color.  Lay out your strips as pictured and sew together.  Subcut into 5" bricks.  Each WOF strip should net you 8 bricks with a small amount leftover.  Put it aside if it is 2" or more and use it up on future clues.

We are all together again.  Do they measure 5 x 6 1/2'?  Oh I hope so.

And this is our wonderful stack.  Label these "Combo" take a break.  That's it for this week.  Last week was more time consuming with all the strip cutting.  I want to give everyone a chance to be on the same page.  Totals at the bottom.

That's it for this week.  Here is what you should have now:

One heck of a lot of cut strips
20 Unit A's together and clearly labeled "A"
8 Unit A-1's together and clearly labeled "A-1"
80 reserved NBN threesies
52 Unit AA's together

It was so fun to see the posts last week.  Keep 'em coming.  Please post and share on Our Quilt World or From The Studio Facebook groups.  I will add a link to this page on the Ribbons of Love Summary page (which can be found by clicking the tab at the top of the blog) as soon as I crawl out of my nice cozy bed.

Until next week, keep on creating,



  1. Yay, another clue!! I am loving these colors!!

    1. Me too Allison. They are so calming for me --- even though this project is a bit stressful, lol.