Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ribbons of Love - Clue 5

The 5th Saturday!  Wow -- these are just flying by.  Are you caught up?  I hope so cos this is a fun week.  Shall we get started?  AS ALWAYS - PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE CLUE BEFORE STARTING.  There are  3 units in this clue PLUS a surprise.

Have you figured out that we are perfecting nine patches?  Yep --- that is the root of this quilt.

Unit G - Make 16.  You will need 32 Green/Neutral/Blue "threesies" and 28 Neutral/Green/Neutral "threesies". 

True Scrappy/Scrappy:  You will need 60 - 2" Green squares, 88 - 2" Neutral squares, and 32 - 2" Blue squares.

Sew into 32 G/N/B "threesies" and 28 N/G/N "threesies".

Controlled Scrappy/Constant:  For the G/N/B "threesies", you will need 3.5 (1.75 WOF) strips of each color.

Once sewn, subcut into 32 - 2"  "threesies"

For the N/G/N "threesies", you will need 6 (3 WOF) neutral strips and 3 (1.5 WOF) green strips.  Sew together and subcut into 28 - 2" "threesies".

All Together:  Using 16 reserved N/B/N's layout the units as shown:

Make 16 Unit G's and and reserve 16 G/N/B's and 12 N/G/N's.

Check to be sure your unit is 5".   Label as unit G and set aside.

Next up is Unit H:  Make 8  You will need 64 Purple/Neutral/Green "threesies" and 16 Blue/Neutral/Purple "threesies".

True Scrappy/Scrappy:  You will need 80 - 2" Purple squares, 80 - 2" Neutral squares, 64 - 2" Green squares, and 16 - 2" Blue squares.

Sew into 64 P/N/G "threesies" and 16 B/N/P "threesies".  Are your strips still measuring 2" x 5"?  Don't forget to check each time.

Controlled Scrappy/Constant:  For the P/N/G's you will need 6.5 (3.25 WOF) strips of each color.  Sew together and subcut into 64 - 2" "threesies".

For the B/N/P's you will need 1.5 (.75 WOF) strips of each color.  Sew together and subcut into 16 - 2"  "threesies".

All Together:

From reserve, get 8 N/P/N "threesies" and by adding one of each "threesie" just completed, create this unit:

 Make 8, check for size (5" square), label as H and set aside.  Put the remaining 56 P/N/G's and 8 B/N/P's into reserve.

And unit number three for this week.  It should be getting easy, easy, easy now.  You know what to do.  Right?

Unit I:  Make 12.  These all come from reserved "threesies".  All together now ---- YAY!!!!

Using 24 reserved P/N/G's and 12 reserved N/P/N's layout the block as shown.  Sew your nine patch. measure, and label as I.  Wasn't that easy?

Okay -- Now I promised a surprise at the end, didn't I?  Here you go:

Mini-block #1:  Make 16.  This mini-block uses 16 of EACH of the following units:  A, D, E, and F.  Layout as shown here:  WATCH THE ORIENTATION!!!  The green 2 x 5's on E MUST be vertical.  A doesn't matter.  Here is a sample layout of my blocks:

Check your size.  They should measure 9 1/2" square.  Sliver trim if necessary and or adjust your seam allowance if you are too small.

Make 16 of these four-patches.  When I do four-patches like this, I don't ever want to worry if the units are getting twisted around.  I sew them like this.  Do you see how the top two are sewn and then the bottom two in a chain?  That is a small web.  Next I would put another two sets through and then clip the first set and make the final seam.  One set works as the leader/ender for the next one.

Then -- Remember -- it's a four patch.  Spin those seams.  This is when I iron.  not before as until this moment I don't know which way my seams are going.

Label and set aside as mini-block #1.

Now make sure that you have adjusted your amounts on units A, D, E, and F before returning them to your reserve.

That's it for this week.  Isn't it just oh so fun?  Have you figured anything out yet?  If so, please just PM me with your ideas and let others discover things on their own.  Let's not spoil the surprise for them.

Please post all of your beautiful work for me to see.  I absolutely love seeing your fabrics and colors.

That's it for this week.  Here is what you should have now:  (and I'm crossing my fingers that it is right) --- whew!

Slightly fewer cut strips
4 Unit A's together and clearly labeled "A"
8 Unit A-1's together and clearly labeled "A-1"
1 Unit B together and clearly labeled "B"
8 Unit C's together and clearly labeled "C"
20 Unit D's together and clearly labeled "D"
8 Unit E's together and clearly labeled "E"
4 Unit E-1's together and clearly labeled "E-1"
8 Unit F's together and clearly labeled "F"
16 Unit G's together and clearly labeled "G"
8 Unit H's together and clearly labeled "H"
12 Unit I's together and clearly labeled "I"
28 reserved NBN "threesies"
24 reserved GNG "threesies"
8 reserved BPB "threesies"
16 reserved NPN "threesies"
16 reserved GBG "threesies"
16 reserved GNB "threesies"
12 reserved NGN "threesies"
32 reserved PNG "threesies"
8 reserved BNP "threesies"
52 Combo Units together
16 Mini-Block #1's together and clearly labeled "#1"

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Until next week, keep on creating,



  1. Weeeeeee . . . we get to begin sewing together!!! Many thanks Deb!!!! Say hello to the Gulf for me. Hope you are having the restful/recharge time you planned to have with handwork. Hugs, Allison in Plano

    1. The beach was amazing. Would have been better with you there though.