Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ribbons of Love - Clue 4

Is it Saturday already?  Wow, that week went fast.  Your posts this week were AWESOME!  I love seeing your units coming together.  Remember that the main part is to enjoy the process.  Go at the pace that makes you comfortable.

Shall we get started?  Working on this weeks clue was so exciting for me.  I hope you jump on that excitement wagon with me and roll along.  There are THREE units this week so make sure you have the entire post.  Here we go:

Unit E - Make 24  Unit E-1 Make 4 --  AS ALWAYS, read all the way through the clue before starting.
                                                           Unit E                                                                        Unit E-1
                                                         Make 24                                                                        Make 4

All:  Cut 52 - 2 x 5 green bricks.

Remember to use up the little ends left from previous cuttings.

True Scrappy and Scrappy:  

You will need 120 - 2" blue squares and 60 - 2" purple squares.  Sew into 60 blue, purple, blue (B/P/B) "threesies" .

Have a little fun now and then with your chains.

Controlled Scrappy/Constant:  You will need 12 (6 WOF) blue strips and 6 (3 WOF) purple strips.  Lay out as shown here;

Sew strips together and subcut into 60 - 2" "threesies".

All together now - Using the green bricks we cut earlier and the B/P/B "threesies" we just made, assemble 24 units using the following layout.

When finished, your unit should look like this and measure 5" square.  (Sorry, I forgot to trim my block before taking the picture.)

Press, stack, and label as 24 E's.  Set the remaining 36 B/P/B "threesies" aside as reserve.   The 4 2 x 5 bricks will be used in the next unit.

Now for Unit E1:  Make 4

Take the remaining 4 - 2" x 5" green bricks and sew them to a B/P/B "threesie" to get 2/3 of a Unit E as pictured here:

Unit E1 should measure 3 1/2" x 5".  Press, stack, and LABEL the E1's.  Pin and/or clip together.  Set the remaining 32 B/P/B "threesies" aside as reserve.

One more unit?  Sure --- You can do it.

Unit F - Make 24

True Scrappy/Scrappy:  You will need 128 -  2" green squares and 64 - 2" blue squares.

Sew these into 64 green/blue/green (G/B/G) "threesies".

Controlled Scrappy/Constant:  You will need 14 (7 WOF) green strips and 7 (3.50 WOF) blue strips.

Sew together with the layout pictured below and then subcut into 64 - 2" "threesies".

 All together now -

You will need 24 of the reserved B/P/B "threesies" to put with your new G/B/G ones.  Lay them out as pictured to the right:

Sew together, press, and measure (5" square).

Label as F and set aside along with the remaining 16 G/B/G "threesies".

Wow!  I hope you have a great time with this clue.   Please, please, please post all of your beautiful work for me to see.  I can't wait.

That's it for this week.  Here is what you should have now:

Slightly fewer cut strips
20 Unit A's together and clearly labeled "A"
8 Unit A-1's together and clearly labeled "A-1"
1 Unit B together and clearly labeled "B"
8 Unit C's together and clearly labeled "C"
36 Unit D's together and clearly labeled "D"
24 Unit E's together and clearly labeled "E"
4 Unit E-1's together and clearly labeled "E-1"
24 Unit F's together and clearly labeled "F"
44 reserved N/B/N "threesies"
24 reserved G/N/G "threesies"
8 reserved B/P/B "threesies"
36 reserved N/P/N "threesies"
16 reserved G/B/G "threesies"
52 Combo Units together

Please post and share on Our Quilt World or From The Studio Facebook groups.  

Until next week, keep on creating,



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