Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ribbons of Love - Clue 3

It's Saturday and you all know what that means.  It means that no one is sleeping in.  Everyone is sitting by their computers waiting for this to post.  No?  Well, a few perhaps.  Thanks goodness for automatic posts.  READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM BEFORE STARTING.

First up today:  Unit B  And guess what?  We only make 1.  BUT --- we make several of the "threesies" that are a part of it.

It doesn't matter which option you have chose --- You will need 4 - 2" squares of purple and 2 - 2" squares of neutral.  Then the rest is done by whichever method you have been choosing

True Scrappy/Scrappy:  An ADDITIONAL  37 - 2" squares of purple and 74 - 2" squares of neutral.  Make the nine patch as above and then an additional 36 - N/P/N "threesies".

Controlled Scrappy/Constant:  You will need 4 (2 WOF) purple strips and 8 (4 WOF) neutral strips.  Sew them into a "threesie" unit and then subcut into a total of 37 - 2" x 5" "threesies".  Make the unit above by using one of your new N/P/N "threesies" and two P/N/P threesies that you made from the squares cut at the beginning of the clue.

Following the pictures make a cute little nine patch.  Whew, that was tough.  Now make the 36 additional N/P/N "threesies".

Make sure it measure 5", label "B" and set aside.

Now we are moving onto Unit C.  LOVE these little units.  Let's get started -  OH - everyone remember to use up those bits and pieces that are left from previous strips that we cut on.  A new brick is being used for this clue.

Unit C - Make 8  

True Scrappy:  You will need to cut/grab 16 - 2" squares of blue and 24 - 2" squares of purple.  Also cut/grab 16 - 2 x 3 1/2" neutral bricks.  Are you making a dent in those scraps?

Scrappy:  Following our pattern (and you should know by now exactly how many of each color you are using), cut the required number of squares from each fabric to net you a total of 24 - 2" squares of purple and 16 - 2" squares of blue.  Then follow the same procedure to cut 16 - 2 1/2" neutral bricks.  The angle on this picture makes it look like I am off the line, but I promise, I am not.

Both groups above ---

Take your squares and make 16 - 2" "twosies" from blue and purple.  It's a pretty chain.  You will have 8 leftover purple squares.

Controlled Scrappy:  You will need 1.5 (..75 WOF) purple strips and 1.5 (.75 WOF) blue strips.  You also need 8 - 2" purple squares and 16 - 2 x 3 1/2" neutral bricks cut from additional strips.

Constant:  You will need .75 WOF purple strips and .75 WOF blue strips.  As with above, please cut 8 2" purple squares and 16 - 2 x 3/12" neutral bricks cut from additional strips.

Second two groups:

Take your strips and sew together.  Subcut into 16 - 2" "twosies".

We should all be together again.

With the 16 "twosies" create 8 four-patches as pictured.

If you run them all the same way, it will help with your seams later.  I like to run the seam that goes "up" on top so that I can watch it closer.

Chain these one right after the other and you will be finished in no time.

Spin those seams to reduce bulk wherever we can.  You should be able see a cute little four-patch in the center on the back when finished.  All together now, "awwww".

Do you measure 3 1/2" square?  Yay!

The next step is to sew those 8 - 2" purple squares onto 8 of our neutral bricks.

I love these chaining moments (even though this is a short chain).  They are calming to me and allow me to just relax and stitch away.  See how I am doing the "twosies" and my combo units as leader/enders for each other?

Now take the remaining 8 bricks and attach to your four patches.  PURPLE in UPPER LEFT CORNER.  The orientation is very important as you will later see.

Next take the brick/square combo and attach to our unit as shown.  Keep that purple in the upper left corner so that purples follow all the way through in a diagonal.

More chaining.  Yep, it is evening in our home and I love the soft light of Annie, my mocha 301a.  She is making this quilt and doing a wonderful job at it.

And here is our finished unit.  It should measure  5" square.

Press, stack, label and set all 8C blocks aside.  But, you're not done yet.  That would have been way too easy for this week.

Unit D - Now you get to sew.  And sew,  And sew.  Make 36 (and like clue 1, there will be extra "threesies" set aside for later)

True Scrappy and Scrappy:

You will need 192 green 2" squares and 96 neutral 2" squares.  Sew into 96 green/white/green "threesies".

Controlled Scrappy and  Constant:   You will need 10  (5 WOF) neutral strips and 20 (10 WOF) green strips.  Lay out your strips as shown below and sew together.  Then subcut into  96 "threesies".

Everyone together again?

Remember those NBN "threesies" from clue 1?  Well go get 36 of them.  With your new GWG "threesies" put together our unit as shown.

Make 36 of unit D's.  Keep the remaining 44 NBN's in reserve.  Add the additional remaining 24 GWG's to your reserve pile.

Oh, these are so dang cute.

Measure (5" square), press, stack, and label.

That's it for this week.  Here is what you should have now:

One heck of a lot of cut strips
20 Unit A's together and clearly labeled "A"
8 Unit A-1's together and clearly labeled "A-1"
1 Unit B together and clearly labeled "B"
8 Unit C's together and clearly labeled "C"
36 Unit D's together and clearly labeled "D"
44 reserved NBN "threesies"
24 reserved GNG "threesies"
36 reserved NPN "threesies"
52 Combo Units together

It was so fun to see the posts last week.  Keep 'em coming.  Please post and share on Our Quilt World or From The Studio Facebook groups.  

Until next week, keep on creating,



  1. Yay!! Always nice to see a clue when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning. Now to print it off and get busy sewing my units. Hugs, Allison

    1. Thank you so much my friend. Trying to mix it up a little each week so no one really knows when it will be there. I know -- kinda mean.