Monday, August 31, 2015

August Quilt Update

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Round Robin (RR) blocks (14)  cut, sewn, attached, and row mailed - yes
BOM blocks (3) complete -  yes and bonus HST's
Orange Crush (OC) ripped out, re-sandwiched, quilted and bound - no
Bow-Dacious (BD)  area ripped out, quilted, labeled, binding on - no
Jennifer's 9 patches resewn, signed, and mailed - yes
Christmas blocks - worked on and layout finished
Block a Day continued (BAD) - BAD girl here
Collect Row by Row Patterns - My friends did super for me here again this month.
Ribbons Of Love (ROL) - Oh my -- so much time spent here!  Woohoo.  1st clue is out.

1st -  I have a session of summer camp going this week so know that my sewing time will literally not exist.  If you wish to skip ahead -- feel free.  Today is spent creating a video.  Here is the LINK if you wish to check it out.  It is all about the upcoming mystery quilt.

2nd - What a busy, busy day.  We had a morning at the Children's Aquarium and Lagoon before going to see Inside Out.  Whew.

3rd - DART is our friend.  We are off to Jump Street for the day.  Trying to wear these boys out.

4th - Ah --- the Zoo.  My favorite for sure.  Evening with Grandpa at the Splash Pad.

5th - Time with Caleb making a birdhouse and then cookies.  Creativity has to take place somehow when sewing eludes me.

6th -  Raef wants to make a pillowcase to match his quilt just like Jared and Josh did.   Woohoo!! we get to sew.  After getting movie going for Ryan and Caleb, we are off to the studio to make that happen.  Once the scraps have been located, he sets to designing his cuffs and does it with a focus that amazes me.  It takes us about 2 hours and he is finished.  He did a fantastic job and stayed on task the whole time.  Woohoo.  The boys movie has just finished -- time for the park before we have to do laundry and pack.  I can't believe our time is over.  So sad.

7th - I am in the air again today as I return the boys to their parents in Denver.  It's a short wait for my return flight and soon I am back in Dallas.  Summer camp is officially over.  Time for a beer.

8th -  The camp sessions are over and I am back.  Do you ever notice that at times we just kind of plod along, doing what we need to, but not really putting our heart into things?  Well, that is exactly what has been happening with my update posts.  They have turned into some kind of quick little daily blah, blah, blah.  Enough!  If I want to write, I need to write.  So there you have it.  Reformation!!!!  Some humor, some joy, some pain, and some information along the way.  How does that sound?  I'm returning to just talking in here as if I am sitting next to you having a conversation for that is how "I" enjoy it the most.  Are you ready?  I am.

It is my first day in forever without grands.  I have enjoyed my time with them immensely but am ready for some me time (well me and my sweetie time) and that means I am headed for the sewing machine today.  Neither Mister or I have much desire to leave the house or really do anything requiring EFFORT.  It's the perfect time to make use of my mini studio and sew up those 9 patches of Jennifer's that have been haunting me for a couple of months now.  Yes, you remember the ones --- sewn at retreat, torn out in Utah, on planes, and everywhere else, and reorganized at the skate center.  They really need to be finished and out the door.  I am determined to get a good start on them and settle in with my lovely LBOW 301a in the office.  Oh she is purring today -- perhaps she is as eager to see me as I am thrilled to spend time with her.  Life is good.  It takes me all day, mostly because I keep checking Facebook and email and giving my sweetie kisses, but I finally have them all sewn back together.  Oh my, that feels oh so good.  It's a great first day back.

9th -  Sunday morning!  Ah, no matter what stage I am at in life, I love Sunday mornings.  This one is no exception.  I tip-toe quietly out of the room to let Mister sleep while I check emails and work on my blog posts.  Quiet time --- the soul needs it so very much just to appreciate the small moments.  When Mister wakes, we walk down to the coffee shop for some twosome time.  Again --- so necessary for a couple.  It's nice to be able to focus on him again and see his smiles of appreciation.  While we are walking home, he remembers that he has to trim the trees in the back alley so he changes clothes and heads out there.  It is 100 degrees already but at least we have very low humidity today.  Meanwhile, I do a little planning and scheduling for myself.  When he returns, it is time for me to get back to the 9 patches.  My little ironing station is brought down and all 50 patches are soon ready for sliver trimming.

Barely getting started, my phone rings and everything comes to a halt while I spend time talking with Jen.  Oh, whether the call is for help, to share joy, or just visit -- I treasure these moments with my children.  Now where was I?  Oh yeah --- trimming the patches.  Ah, soon I have a wonderful little stack of neat patches all ready for signing.  Grabbing the pen, I let the ink flow -- yes these Pentel Gel Rollers are pure genius.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Allison for showing them to me.  What a find.  My nine-patches are DONE.  I get to mark a red yes up on the goal list tomorrow when I drop them in the mail!  I am one happy girl.  Now to go and cook dinner --- a nice one --- a grown up one for a change.

10th -  It's my first day home alone in quite awhile and my heart is literally doing a happy dance.  Oh yeah!  It's a do whatever I want day ---- gotta love those.  So what do I want to do?  Last night I spent some time trying to make a schedule of projects to finish and the order to tackle them in.  That chart says I now have to work on my BOM's, the RR's, and ROL.  Well, alrighty then --- I settle in with my sweet little Featherweight and in an hour and half's time --- three lovely BOM's are finished along with the bonus HST's that are a result of them.  Another red yes!!!!!

Hmmmm, my tummy is doing a bit of grumbling and I think I know the solution.  A quick breakfast and some Facebook reading then I buckle down and head to the studio.  My mystery fabrics are calling and ROL definitely needs a couple hours of work.  I am strip, strip, stripping like crazy and remember that I also need to select fabrics for the two quilts I am doing with Mary.  UGH --- Switching gears, I know iron EVERY blasted batik that I own and sort them.  I need 63 different 13" square pieces and then 6 3" strips of 18 other ones.

After another 2 hours the thought of ironing another piece of fabric is incomprehensible.  I'm done.  AND, I'm hungry again.  See what this eating does?  It makes you want to eat more.  2:00 and lunchtime.  Perhaps I should do some laundry, make some beds, etc.  HAHAHAHAHAHA --- oh my -- brief moment of insanity there.

Back to cutting for the RR ---- oh yay, that really didn't take very long.  Whew.  So happy.

Mister is going to enjoy the colors in this row -- they are just what he loves --- all the browns, oranges, and greens in nature.

For my evening entertainment I have decided to try and put one of my RR blocks together.  They are wonky stars and guess what I am learning?  I am not capable of wonky.  I know that sounds bizarre but for some reason I just can't get it.  Are wonky blocks every really truly wrong?  No, but they may not be as wonky as possible.  After three of them, I call it a night and hope that tomorrow everything will click in my feeble brain.  Ugh, there is a reason they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

11th -  Mister is working from home today as the car has to go into the shop.  Am I happy?  Not sure.  It certainly limits my activities and causes me to have to stop and eat occasionally.  Hmmm.  Other than that, he is fun to have around although his face buried in a computer screen doesn't look much different than mine today.  It is a bookwork day for me.  I have retreat emails to get out like crazy and one would think that I could do that in just a few minutes time, but no.  I spend most of the morning working on two of them and then the early afternoon is spent cutting out little bits of paper to create a layout for the November Christmas quilt.  It is kind of like OCD paper dolls.  Now to try and figure out how they will all play together nicely.  Yes!  It works.  I am able to mark off all the items on my "to do" list for today.  Now back to the damn wonky blocks.

Oh my goodness!  I did it!  I got a wonky block.  I'm so excited I could pee my pants and Mister says to me, "it's not that wonky."  Really?  What a bubble burster.  Compared to the first three yesterday --- this puppy is dang wonky.  I tackle two more before calling it a night and am oh so pleased.  They look so fun.  Each one got a little better although Mister sure thought it was fun to watch me furrow my brow as I tried to put things at an angle instead of straight.  A quick dash back to the computer to finish a personal blog entry before bed.  I am so very far behind there that I am not sure catching up can even happen this year.

12th -  It is absolutely divine when the sewing mojo is in place.  I have had such a great time the last two days and feel so much better for it.  The car is still in the shop --- I know, I know -- patience Deb.  Of course that means that Mister is working from home again today.  I decide that just being a quiet little mouse is the best approach today and settle in with my Featherweight first thing.  Today's agenda is to complete the RR blocks.  I have 8 to go and I want a red "yes" tonight.  Just as I get started, Mister informs me that he has an hour long call and the sewing machine makes too much noise.  Well alrighty then.  It's off to the studio to cut the bright batik FQ's I pressed yesterday in 13" squares to give to Mary for the circle quilt.  By the time this task is finished, I can once again make noise in the house and start back in on my blocks.  I have all 8 made by lunch and am tickled pink.

I love them and cannot believe how quick they go together.  Now to lay out the top and decide the order of the blocks.  I need a little help so call on Mister for color shifting.  He moves a few around and voila -- I have my row ready to sew together.  Back to the office but it's time to move to the 301 as the pieces are larger now and I need more room.  Besides the seams are longer and Annie moves at a much higher speed than Barbara.

The row is together and attached to the mother ship.  A few minutes to write in Carol's book, address the envelope, and by golly --- this project is in the done column.  I feel like I can show it now since she will have it before this posts.  Now back to those other 7 blocks.

I have to add sashing to them to fit my own RR and then attach the row.  By 4 both tops are finished and I am ready for a break.

If I'm being honest, I took about a 2 hour break and then started looking for the next project to work on.  Mister found a movie on television, "Guess Who is Coming to Dinner" and since I had never watched it, I found my Orange Crush quilt and settled in with my seam ripper to watch the movie with him.  Yes, the very same OC quilt that I tried to throw away a couple of months ago.  I'm going to give it the most valiant effort and see if I can save it.  So much fun.  By the time the movie ends, I have managed to free the BORDERS on the quadrant.  Yep, that's it. Just the borders.  This is going to be a very long road.   I'm done for today.  Wait, I need to write up at least one clue for the ROL -- whew, that is done and scheduled to post.  Now, where is that dang phone so I can play Candy Crush?

13th -  I think I should be renamed Procrastination Patty.  I definitely need to get going on a major project that is coming up.  I bet no one can figure out just what that is --- ha ha -- can you say mystery quilt?  Yes, ROL needs some major attention paid to it.  Today is the day!  However, because I am spending ALL DAY working on this (and even though I took tons of pictures) no eye candy for anyone today.  So sorry.  Oh wait ---- this posts AFTER the first clue is out.  HAHAHA  yay.  Here are some shots of parts of today's work.  I will tell you that I have managed to get through several clues and feel dang good about it.  Ooooooohhhhh this is going to be sooo pretty.  Like everyone else, I am excited for the first clue to go live.  Come on 29th.

A look at the clock shows 10:00 p.m. and I am heading for the shower to wash this oh my gosh head of hair.  I totally lost a day this week and thought today was Wednesday.  Now, I realize that I am leaving the house with Mister tomorrow morning and am scurrying around trying to gather everything I need:  Fabric for Mary, strips for Allison, money for Lee Ann . . . I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  See ya tomorrow everyone.

14th -  "Girl's Day" has arrived and I have been so looking forward to it all week.  Despite the fact that I somehow lost a day this week, the morning finds me alert and ready for an adventure.  Detouring towards Irving to drop Mister off, I am then able to point the car towards Plano and the fun that awaits.  Good friends, plenty of eye candy, and a load of inspiration soon follow.  For more on this wonderful day, please check out this LINK.  Yep, this is the Best of Show quilt.  Can we all say, "Oh My" and then bow down to the woman who created it.  All together now.

A trip back to Irving to retrieve Mister and then home again.  What a fun day.  Time to relax a bit.

It's 9:00 p,m, and something about the mystery clues is eating at me.  I think it is too easy to solve which causes me to grab the papers and start rewriting.  By 11:00, my eyes are blurring and it is definitely time for some sleep BUT half of the clues are reconfigured.  I am much happier and feel as though today has definitely been an inspiration day for me.  It is, however, time for some sleep.

15th -  My mind is buzzing as I wake before Mister and creep out to the den where my stack of papers and numbers from last night wait patiently for me to return.  Taking up the same position from last night on the sofa, I get to work and manage to redo one more clue before Mister wakes and it is time for our weekend walk to the coffee shop.  What a beautiful morning --- semi-cool and low humidity.  It's our chance each week to just visit and talk about various topics.  I love these moments so very much.  We need to be back by 9 or so as we are going to grab the car and head for an estate sale that has a Featherweight listed.  Fingers crossed.

We get to the estate sale and my heart drops.  Look at the line ahead of us and we are 25 minutes early.  Surely one of these people is also after the machine.  I am right and a lady beats us to the machine by mere minutes.  Well dang it anyway.  There really isn't anything else at this sale that we are interested in thus we are out of there and off to two more sales.  For the first time in a long time, we leave three estate sales without buying a single thing.  Wow.

16th -  ROL  ALL DAY.  You just have to believe that I am working on something.

17th -  It is a ROL day.  Procrastination --- why did I allow you to control me?  When I have had enough, it's off to the studio I go to pull fabrics for my Bargello class on Saturday.  Mister is in the studio working on machines so I pull his expertise into the fabric selection.  I'm pretty happy with my choices as I am strictly working from batiks that have at least 1/2 a yard to them.  That limits my choices quite a bit.

I get a few strips cut and then need to get back to ROL.

18th -  Another ROL day greets me first thing this morning.  Woohoo.  I'm loving it though.  I work steady until around 10 and then need to get cleaned up so that I am ready to go when the bus arrives to take me to the train station.  I am meeting Bob for lunch in Uptown and looking forward to it.  We are trying a new place -- Rustic - hopefully it's good.

Lunch was wonderful and we had such a nice time chatting.  I love these unexpected opportunities to hang with him and be a sounding board.  Check out this scrumptious desert they brought us for being a first time visitor.  It was HUGE.   As we were leaving the restaurant, I needed to make a pit stop in the restroom so off I went.    As I sit down in the stall, I look up and there is a sign that says, "We don't serve women here, you must bring your own."  I think --- Hmmm, How odd that that is in a women's restroom and then the light goes on.  Dang it -- did I do it again?  Sure enough, as I walk out -- that wonderful row of porcelain that I barely noticed and thought were sinks, were in fact, urinals.  Ugh -- I'm getting old.  As I leave the bathroom laughing (luckily no one else came in while I was there), my nephew wants to know what is up.  Yep, good old Aunt Deb, leaves him laughing.

Once back home, I discover that my RR is back!!!!   I can't wait to open it and drop everything else by the door.  Instantly, it has to be laid out to look at it.  Oooohhh  --- It's so cool.  I love it!  What a nice surprise.  Now, back to ROL.

19th -  It's Moda/United Notions sale day.  We all know what that means.  Yep -- time to shop.  Fortunately, I have a partner in crime this morning and we are able to spend a fun-filled morning exploring the warehouse and emptying my checking account.  BUT --- Oh the treasures and new toys!  Excitement runneth amok.  I even managed to find the backing for the circle quilt AND a back for Easy Street.  Progress.

When Mary arrived this morning, she came bearing goodies.  Row by Rows from her area plus rulers and clips that I need for two classes.  Mister will LOVE more stuff.

Once back home, I am straight out to the studio to try and get the strips finished for my class on Friday.  I still need to make the panels and the days are zooming by.  After some rearranging in the studio again, I soon have a nice stack of strips to have some fun with.

Jen, Jon, Jared, and Josh arrive about the same time as Mister gets home from work.  The house filled right up.  First thing, Josh is so excited to show me the quilt he made with the panel we bought last month.  He did all the borders himself and mom helped him with the quilting and binding.  Yay --- It looks great Josh.

Once we have dinner behind us and the boys in bed, Jen and I are on a mission to get her 9 patches done for Jennifer.  She has already sewn the strips together so after she gets them pressed and starts cutting the segments, I start sewing them together to help out a bit.  It takes us until after midnight, but they are finished and she has a nice stack to take home with her as well.  I love spending time with her like this.  I so wish we had even more choice moments such as tonight.  Not only do we get something accomplished, but it's a great visit and one on one time.  Double win.

20th -  The house is oh so quiet this morning.  Even though there are 3 grandsons and my daughter here -- everyone is sleeping in a bit.  Tiptoeing to the office, I quietly finish trimming the bright batik scraps that Mary returned to me from cutting the circles for the October retreat quilt.  I finish up with a lovely rainbow in a stack of 2" squares.  Oh the possibilities!  My mind is just blossoming with ideas as the house wakes up.  Jen has quite a few extra nine patches from last night so after sharing some of my wonderful purchases from yesterday (yes, I can share), I take her shopping in the studio for a brown fabric to go with them so that she can just cut some squares and make a small top.  Where are those sleepy grandons!  With waffles and sausage making the house smell wonderful, I am off to wake the boys and get everyone moving for our morning at the aquarium feeding stingrays.  A good retreat story will be to share how just Jen did at that.  Her oldest son had more fun watching her than feeding the stingrays himself.  Oh such a choice memory.  I'm smiling just thinking about it as I type.

After our fun times, they have to drive back to Abilene for "Meet the Teacher" night and since taking me all the way back home is way out of their way, I hop a DART train and am soon back in my hood.  It truly would be a sin for me to miss out on this beautiful 70 degree day, so I opt to walk home from the highway.  That does require a stop for coffee and three more stores.  After getting a few gift cards and some dinner ingredients, I stop in quick at Tuesday Morning and the Dollar Tree.  Between the two I hit the jackpot in creativity and have everything I need for the October retreat gifts and projects.  I am soooooo excited.  Now to get busy on them.  When?  Oh my heck -- who knows.  Oh, and now I have another email to get out.  Ugh.  The purpose of this month is to mark things OFF the list, not add to it.  Squirrel.

21st -  It's Friday.  Oh my goodness --- did you see that?  It's Friday.  That means my class with Mary down in Crandall is tomorrow.  One would think that I would be excited -- right?  Well, here's the problem.  I am not even close to being ready.  Obviously that means today is a buckle down day.  Mister is working from home again which helps get me out the door and into the studio before 8 a.m.  Space is required today.  AND, I don't want to change any settings on the 301 in the house since she has been busy working on the mystery.  Additionally, my little Featherweight in the house is getting a spa treatment sometime today.  It's time to sew.

Settling in with "Annie", I realize that she still has parts to Christmas blocks on her and they are also spread everywhere.  It's been awhile since I have worked on them and don't really know just where I left off.  Dang -- now I have to spend much needed time going back over my plans and counting pieces.  Once that is finished, I quickly sew up the rest of the HST's and am able to put these blocks off to the side.  Well, onto the ironing board for now.  This studio is the pits.  What a mess.

Finally, the area is clean enough to get started on my panels.  I can whip right through these right?  Oh goodness no.  It takes me about 3-4 hours to get the six panels made.  Now, in all fairness, I did stop a couple of times and walk around, eat lunch, etc.  But ---- ta da --- they are done.  A short time at the ironing board and although my day is about over --- I have my fabric ready for tomorrow.  What next?  Oh, dang.  I grab my Featherweight from the office and head out to the studio to give her a spa treatment.  Fortunately for me (her?), Mister comes out to finish the job for me.  Ahh, what love.  This is after he worked on the finishing touches for Roberta's machines all evening.  He's a keeper for sure.  A few minutes of packing and I am calling it done for the night.

22nd -  The bed did not want to release me this morning.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  When I finally break loose, it's off to the shower.  I know, I know -- too much information -- but it has a purpose.  When I get out of the shower, my sweetheart has also been released by the bed and has loaded everything for class into the car, including the two machines for Roberta.  She is going to be surprised that they are finished  Within the hour, I am zipping down the road towards Crandall, TX for my class and mini "family" reunion.

Surrounded by friends, we start in under the amazing instruction of Mary and assisted by Roberta.  How fortunate is that?  I am just stubborn enough to want to cut my strips myself right down until I need 40 1 3/4 inch one.  That's it.  Off they go to Mary for a quick Accuquilt slice.  Now to get them laid out and ready to sew.  My OCD kicks in big time and I have to put all my clips just so.  I think I am driving Roberta nuts and I'm okay with that.  Gotta stay true to these redhead roots.  Once everything is numerically happy for me, I start sewing my strips end to end to get the desired stair steps.  Time is flying by and soon I only have 2 hours left.  What?  I start attaching my strips together and am the last one at the ironing board before cleaning up.  I love this though and am thrilled with the way it is coming along.  Inspiration struck yesterday while sewing the panels and I think I will call this one -- Changing Seasons.  It appears to go from spring/summer to fall to winter and repeating.  I like it.  Now to clean up and drive home.  For more pictures of the store and my wonderful friends, please click HERE.

As I drive into the garage, I notice that the studio door is open and light on.  I have three more machines for Mister from Roberta and as I unload the car, I wonder what he is up to.  OH MY!  He has spent ALL day working on my 185J.  It looks amazing!  I simply cannot wait to put her into use.  Oh, a name, a name.  Must start thinking.  Now, however, time for some well deserved rest.  I'm tired tonight.

23rd -  An early rise for both of us so that we can take our Sunday morning walk before the heat becomes unbearable.  After a couple of cool days, it is hard to once again deal with the hot blast.  It is nice out and we are able to walk in almost utter quiet down the neighborhood streets.  How peaceful for the city.

When we return home, Mister heads outside to work on the cabinet for my pretty green baby.  What a simply awesome sweetie he is.  Meanwhile, I am tackling the pile of black batik scraps that Mary gave me at class yesterday.  They are are the leftovers from her cutting circles for my backing on the October quilt.  We are both successful and soon my little Danielle (her new name) is in place and I get to sew on her.  OHHHHHH yeah -- she sews like a dream.  I think she is going to be the finishing machine for the Bargello quilt as my little Featherweight doesn't really like those long, long, seams and this baby has power.  Fun!  Now to find a seam guide for her.  For more wonderful pictures of here, please check out this POST.

The rest of the day is spent enjoying each other's company and winning bids on Ebay for foot pedals and power cords that we need for several machines that Mister is servicing.  We even take the time to cook dinner together --- well, actually, I assist as the master teaches.  What an incredible chef he is. We're calling it a day well spent.  I need to buckle down tomorrow and get back on track with the mystery.  Only 6 days to go.

24th -  I am one determined girl today.  This week if truth be told.  ROL has to be a finished top by Friday.  That means I have to buckle down and sew, sew, sew.  It also means no pictures to share.  Dang.  I do manage to work ALL DAY and stay focused.  It's coming together nicely and I am absolutely still excited about it.  That's good, right?

25th -  I am still on the determined road,  Nothing to show though.  Sorry.

26th -  I must finish the blocks today.  I must finish the blocks today.  I want to go and play with my friends on Friday and I know I can't if this is not finished.  It's a bit more challenging today as Mister is working from home and I am all set up in the office.  That means I can't sew while he is on the phone.  Ugh --- and that happens for a total of about 3 hours today.  I could have gotten so much more accomplished.  I can't KNOW for positive that the pattern is right until I sew it all the way through.  I have settled in with Netflix and endless episodes of 3rd Rock --- It's just enough to keep my interest and yet not have me stopping to watch.  Perfect.  By the time I crawl into bed -- all the blocks are finished and I have achieved a layout on the living room floor after which I started building my clue graphics on the computer.  Wow -- busy day.

Oh, Oh, Oh --- I almost forgot.  My backing fabric for ROL arrived today.  Debra Linker custom dyed it for me and I absolutely could not be happier.  Love it so very much.

27th -  Sew, sew, sew. I have my head down and am determined to have a top by the end of the day.  My back has been hurting the last couple of days and as a result I am sewing standing up today.  It is actually quite comfortable and I am just short enough to be able to push the knee control in the cabinet while in this position.  Awesome.  I have 8 quadrants left, then the setting and borders.  It takes me all day, but it is finished and guess what ---- there are wrong blocks.  Of course!  Did I really think I would get it right the first time?  Back to the first drawing to discover where I went wrong.  Ahhh --- I found the errors -- only 48 pieces to move.  Yep -- that's right -- only 48.  I can do it!  It does mean that most of my pictures have to be retaken and the majority of my clues rewritten.  Ugh.  I have also decided to make a second one with constant fabrics.  We'll see how they both turnout.  Again, no pictures for today.  Perhaps tomorrow.

28th -  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Yes, I know -- that seems a bit mysterious.  Because it is.  I wish I could say more, but I definitely have some decisions to make.  First though, I am off to Grapevine to meet with Jennifer and Stephannie for lunch and some girl time.  Yay!  On the way, I reach the decision that I am going to make a second Ribbons of Love using constant fabrics.  I arrive in Grapevine a bit early so make a stop at Must Love Fabric in the hopes of finding the perfect treasures.  As sad as it sounds, I walk out empty handed, BUT -- think it's funny because I noticed another lady in the shop carrying the same color cards.  Ahhhh -- heart swell.  Jennifer has a picture of the finished flimsy for Kay's chicken quilt.  I LOVE it.  After a wonderful lunch, I stop again on the way home and am successful this time.  What do you think?

29th -  Today is the day!  I am an unbelievable mix of excited and simply scared to death.  Oh my goodness.  It is 6 a.m. and I am posting the clue.  Please let it go well.  (If you would like to follow the mystery and have not seen the information, please click on this LINK.)  I thought I would go back to bed but I'm way too restless for that now.  I guess the best option is a quiet chair in the living room with a quilt top that has to be totally taken apart.  Yep, that's my project for today.  Me and my seam ripper are gonna be best friends.  The quiet is kind of calming right now and the only sounds are the ripping running up the seam (oh yes, I am indeed thankful for learning to use it correctly a few months ago) and Mister snoring down the hall.  This continues for about 3 hours and then my sweetie wakes and we decide to get out of the house for awhile.

Trekking off on foot, we visit the coffee shop before a stop at the hardware store and Tuesday Morning.  Oh the fun at Tuesday Morning.  I spend a fortune and very little of it is for me.  I keep posting pictures of good deals and am soon shopping for various friends.  Happy to do so and it gives me a chance to get together with friends to deliver their items.  A win, win.  By the time we get home, it's 2:30 and I put in another hour with the seam ripper before making dinner.  Then another couple hours this evening.  Whew.  Am I finished?  Nope.  Still have about 15 blocks to break down but I'm getting there.  Will rebuild it in Colorado next week.  Now, back to clue writing for the mystery.

30th -  It's soccer season and thus we are up and heading out the door to Fort Worth for a game.  It has been brought to my attention lately that I am getting a wee bit older.  Thus, I do not like 100 degree games.  As a result, we are doing the morning game and then finding cooler activities for the afternoon.  It is so nice to just sit and visit with Jen during the game and before we know it -- it is time to go home.  I have laundry and packing to do.  Oh my goodness, I am leaving tomorrow morning.  What projects should I take along?  After much internal debate, I am settling on the Amish bookmarks, BAD's, some Christmas blocks, my never ending rip out project, and some crochet work.  What do you suppose my chances are?  Fingers crossed.

31st -  Up, up, and away.  Look out Telluride -- here I come.  I am picked up at the airport by a shuttle as there is a crisis at the dental office and my daughter can't make the trip.  No problem.  My only worry is if he will stop at the quilt shop so I can pick up the Row by Rows that people want.  He obliges me and $100.00 later, we are on our way to Telluride.  Fantastic driver.  When I get to town, I have some time to kill before Amanda is free so I wander the streets.  First thing I spot in a window:  this sweet little Featherweight.  After looking around the store, I discover her home high on a shelf.  Yes, I asked.  No, she is not for sale.

Thanks for checking up on me this month.  Check back in now and then and please check out the link to OUR QUILT BLOGS at the top of the page for many of the quilt groups are starting to restrict the posting of blogs into the groups.  If you want to still have a long monthly read and time for your tea, join the group.  Thanks for sticking around this long -- I appreciate all of you who read each month.

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  1. Loved the video with the Agents!! Way too cute. Lots went on in August. Loving the green machine too. AND really enjoyed all your writing, conversation style. Hugs, Allison

    1. Oh Allison, the video was a blast to do. It was certainly a hectic month but a fulfilling one as well. Your compliments always brighten my day. Thank you so much, my friend.