Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mary's Bargello Class

I am off to Crandall, TX today.  My friend, Mary, is teaching a Bargello class and I want to learn the technique on using different size strips so signed up.  Also, it just happens that several of my friends are also taking the class and we always need time together.  Pictured above from left to right:  Roberta, Tammy, Mary, Brenday, and Rita.  What an amazing group of women.

In no time I have taken over the corner and spread out amongst two tables.  Yep, standard Debi procedure.  I do love how the strips are turning out though.  Seriously, LOVE.

Group fun!!!  Meet Ms. Roberta with her two machines that Mister just finished.  I'm in a better mood just being around her.  The necessary group picture and then we get a chance to have one with me in it too.  Do you not just love Roberta's Bargello in the background?  Oh my.

A few shots of the store - 1 Fun Day Quilting.  What a cute little shop.  Although I was so focused on sewing my top, I never even took the time to shop.  I know -- what is wrong with me?  I do manage to grab a couple of pictures right before leaving.  I hope to come back and check it out in more detail.

It's been a fun day.  Now to head home and spend some time with Mister.  What a fun day and I also was able to drive to a new spot in Texas.  Win, win.

Thanks, Ms. Mary, for a wonderful class.  I did learn a ton and can't wait to see this one finished.


  1. How did I miss this!? I remember the picture of Roberta posted to FB but did not see this in my feed.

    1. Beats me Ma'am. It was a fun day though.