Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ladybugz Quilt & Company - Montrose, Colorado

It seems as though each time I visit Montrose, I am being rushed to Telluride so quick that stops at the quilt shop just don't happen.  Once, two years ago for the Row X Row, I asked the shuttle driver to let me stop just long enough to pick up kits for everyone in Dallas.  That was a literal run in/out as he was waiting for me out front and only could do that because I was his only rider at the moment.

Ever since, I have wanted a few minutes in this shop.  Today, I have them. but as a result of the whole swimsuit episode, I have NO extra luggage or carry on space.  If you  missed that, I believe it is in THIS MARCH POST.  Check the 28th in that post.  At any rate, I am thrilled to be here.  Last year I knew that this shop was for sale and if things had been just a bit different, I would so happily bought it and moved there.  No such luck, of course, and it is now under new ownership and Sue is a delight to meet and talk to.  Not only is this shop just bursting with color and wonderful fabrics, but it also hosts a longarm business AND classrooms downstairs.  In face, there was a class going while I was walking around taking pictures.  I'll take you through a little tour of the shop.  As you enter, this picture above and to the left is what you see.

Straight ahead is the checkout and look at the wonderful quilt in the background.  No, it's not paper pieced as I had first thought.  Templates all the way.

And to the left, we have this view.   Yes, there is another room there but we will get to along the way.  The front right corner contains two very nice bargellos and some exquisite black/white fabrics along with the pattern books.

Next to the apron on display, I absolutely adore how the sunflower fabrics have been set out.  Ah, there is just something about a wooden bench that screams "country" to me.

In that same area, the wall hosts some patterns for sale, but ALSO antique irons.  There are vintage items all throughout the store, keep your eyes open and you may spot a few.  Not all are electric and not all have to do with sewing.  Okay now, the only sight still remaining from the entrance is directly to the left but also behind me as I'm standing in front of the counter.   I notice that she carries the new  Quilters Select rotary tools, including the rulers and mats.  I'm thinking these will be my next investment.  Jill, at Minding My P's and Q's did a demonstration of them while I was at a retreat she sponsored and they definitely live up to their claims.  Oh wait, one more thing --- LOVE the mailbox display.

Okay, moving along, we'll peek in the room that was to our right.

In the center of the table there is a new yarn line that is being introduced (I know, where is the picture?) and the left corner contains this wonderful modern quilt and luscious fabrics.

The right side has a bookcase filled with prints and a sweet vintage machine up on top.

Yes, this is an old house and that makes shopping here all the more appealing to me.  Room to room of comforting furniture and beautiful fabrics.  Greenery thrown in now and then to help things out and I feel content here.  Isn't this bag grand?  I want one.

Back out the door and turn right takes me past the checkout counter and into a small hall area.  The first door to the left opens up and oh WOW, I have several friends that could spend all day just in this room alone.  Beautiful civil war items everywhere.  A sweet treadle makes the room that much more special.  This room actually goes through to the other side of the shop but it just leads to the office so we'll go back out the door we came in.

As I continue down the hall, there is a small display with a wonderful dresser.  It contains all these beautiful pot holders.  Each one is pieced in a very cool pattern.  Hey, Debi - what do you think?

Just as I'm about to enter another room on the right, there is an amazing mini quilt display on a small wall near a closed door.  Someday, I tell myself.  Now, this next room is just darling.  Think pastels and children prints.  I can't help but admire the cradle, old stove, and wringer washer that are adding to the allure of this room.  Throw in a vintage ironing board and well, it's perfect.

Oh yeah -- that wringer washer.  Want to see it up close as much as I did?  I think I'm in love.

Across from the entrance to this past room is one more room.  Talk about color.  This room literally shouts it at you.

And the other side of it.  Old school desks, wonderful shelving and bright colors.  This is heaven.

Sadly, it is time for me to go, but one thing really caught my eye when I first came into the shop.  I LOVE this tote.  

I even love the fabrics that they selected for it.  Enough that I found the newsprint one and got some information to take home.

Yep, I've a feeling, I'll be ordering this pattern soon.  Perhaps you'll see me working on this in the near future.  Until then, if you are in the Montrose area, please check out this shop and say hi to Sue.  Tell her I sent you.  HOWEVER, they are possibly moving locations this spring, so Google for address.

See ya'll back in Dallas.  Oh --- here is the link to their Facebook page:  Ladybugz Facebook.

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