Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bonnie Hunter Pineapple Blossom Class - Stitchin' Heaven

Good morning.  We are off to round two at Stitchin' Heaven and Bonnie Hunter.  Today's class is Pineapple Blossom and I literally prepped for this in two hours time.  Let's hope it works out.

We spent some time in the hotel lobby last night marking our flip and sew squares and my fingers are crossed that we did it right.

First up, though, is to begin our courthouse steps block.  Sides and then top and bottom.

I am working all 20 blocks at once (yes, I'm doing the smaller version).  TA-DA

Next step is corners.  Bonnie takes my blocks for the demo and woohoo -- my markings are spot on.  I am one happy camper.  Time to sew.

What I'm not so happy about is that not all the points meet just right.  The remaining ones will need more attention paid to them.  That's right - the remaining ones.  I am not ripping anything out.

I am LOVING the black and white.

Lunch is served and it is sandwiches with chips and cookies along with the requisite M&M's.  We are all eating quick so that we have time to make a run over to another quilt shop that is nearby.  Gotta check out ALL the shops in the area, ya know.

Woot, woot.  I find the sashing, inner and outer border, and binding fabrics for this quilt.  What a fun trip and quick solutions.

Upon our return, it's time for show and share again.  Ramona has her Garden Party finished (above) and her Split Nine Patch --- WOW -- love it.

Glenda shares an antique hexie find

And then it's back to sewing.  The directions are to lather, rinse, and repeat.  Yep, honest.  Sherri zooms ahead and finishes one block.  Oh that is so crazy cool.

As we sit and sew, Bonnie shows Glenda how to use a hotel key as a seam guide on her featherweight.

And then, just like that, my blocks are finished.  All 20 of them.  I show them to Bonnie and she takes them off to play.  I quickly grab the new fabrics and away we go.  Layout time.

People start gathering around and it is able to be turned into a teaching moment for Bonnie.  She is able to explain webbing for those who haven't done it before.  Dang, I'm really liking this.

Teach ----

Now it's my turn to play.  Let's find the rest of those fabrics and see just how this will all look together.

Constant sashing, white cornerstones, gold inner border, bonus triangle middle border and then a gold metallic and black outer border.  YES!  I'll even use some of the gold for piping on the gold/black shimmery fabric I found for binding.  It's definitely coming together.

After picking up, and pressing all of my bonus triangles, it's time for me to stop for the day.  That means, grab the camera and get some pictures of what everyone else has done.

Debi has gone with brown and cream.  It's gonna be delicious.

Both Irene and Sherry followed the true scrappy and have all the colors of the rainbow in theirs.

Ramona and Beth's

Glenda's blocks are ready to layout too --- love these colors.  Reminds me of Easy Street.

Yep, gotta stand on chairs to get these pictures.  (Thanks Debi K)

My view

Glenda and Sherri pressing those bonus triangles too.

And then, just like that -- it's time for the class to end again.  This time it's a little sadder as we all have to say goodbye but there's another round coming our way in the future.  Until then, let's play with the camera.

And the group shot again.

A great time was had by all.  When Sherri arrived, they didn't have a nametag for her so they gave her one that said Bette Ford.  She flipped it over and wrote her name.  NOW, as we are packing up, they give her the original one.  Too funny.

It's a perfect end to the day.

Good-byes are said.  Hugs have been given.  Everyone is out the door and off to our individual cities and towns.  Thank you, Bonnie, for great classes and lots of fun.  Can't wait to get together again.

Thank you, Stitchin' Heaven, for making this all happen.  See you again.

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