Friday, April 21, 2017

Bonnie Hunter Jamestown Landing Class - Stitchin' Heaven

We are at Stitchin' Heaven in Mineola, TX for day one of our classes with Bonnie Hunter.  Today's class is Jamestown Landing and yes, if you remember, I have done this before.  Way back in 2013, I took this class in Dallas.  The parts and pieces have not really changed much since then, so I am a remedial student today.  You can see the original post HERE.
It's great fun to sit and string and just watch the little stacks build up.  I do enjoy this method of piecing as for me it is pretty mindless and the perfect time to just visit.

I am here with Debi, Glenda, and Sherri and we meet up with several other Our Quilt World ladies - Irene, Sherry, Marti, Ramona, and Beth.  What a fun day this will be.  Let's get started with the first instructions:  string, string, string.
Awhile later, we get a demo on how to trim the units and use up the leftovers.  Such great info.

Now, I DO love to spend time with Bonnie.  She is always fun and ready for whatever we throw at her.  Even if it means striking a pose now and then.

We work all the way up until lunch on the string blocks.

Stitchin' Heaven is providing a chicken spaghetti lunch for us all and it is really quite good.  Fresh salad and cookies (and M&M's but shhh) finish it off and before we know it the day is half over and it's time for show and share.  Marti leads off and for some reason, I am just not thinking and miss taking pictures of them.  Therefore, I have gone into the Facebook group and snitched previous pictures of the ones she shared.  I'm so sorry Marti.

First up:  Talkin' Turkey

Next:  Double Delight

and En Provence.  Great job Marti.

Ramona has a Texas Tumbleweeds (this is on my to-do list)

A leader/ender finish --- Love what she did with the pinwheels.

and Cathedral Stars -- oh my.

This Jamestown Landing in green is just amazing.  I love it so much and am so sorry that I don't hae the name of the lady who made it.

Glenda shares her Easy Street

And Allietare in civil war prints

I get to share my Garden Party flimsy -- yes, I need to get a quiltin'

And my Razzle Dazzle -- oh shut your mouth Deb.  I need to be cropped out of this one, lol.

and the Razzle Dazzle backing.

Okay, time to get back to class and it starts out with demos on the broken dish units.

It's back to sewing for everyone and fortunately, I have many half square triangles already completed and am able to put these units together quick.

Time for some pictures.

Everyone is just sewing away and soon it is time to show Bonnie's new layout for this quilt.  OMG.  It has become so much easier.  I wish I could show it all here, but it would truly enable those who haven't bought the book to figure out the entire quilt - JUST LIKE THAT.  Dang.  She does, however, use my units to show how the pattern will appear later down the road.  I'm seeing it, woohoo.

Hello Ramona --- love the photo bomb.

I go ahead and make one block just so I can get the feel of how this will nest and play together.


And TA-DA!  I have a block and it only took me 3 1/2 years.  Not too shabby.  Love, love, love the little sailboats.

The day is coming to a close so it's time for a group shot.  Hello Our Quilt World with Gus.

And in front of Bonnie's quilt - with one extra person.  Fun times.

And then -- just some fun --- great times.

What a great day!  And the best part is ---- we have all day tomorrow too.  It's time for some dinner and prep for tomorrow's class.  See ya'll then.

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