Saturday, July 16, 2016

Girlfriends are the BEST! Oh, and a Tea Party for Allison

I am so blessed to call Allison Bayer my best friend.  For a gal who has never really connected with other gals without annoying them, this is indeed fun.  She's a saint to put up with me.  So --- as many of you know, I am blessed each year with the birthday season and wanted to share that experience with her this year.  Having grands all summer made it impossible to be with Allison on her special day so I watched as other friends started the season early and kept it going with sew days and special treats along the way.  I got together with Elisabeth and planned a tea party that doubled as a surprise party for her and scheduled it for the FIRST day I had without kids.  That is now!  Fingers crossed we pull it all off.  (OH -- and yes, this IS the Allison who has the machine quilting banner on this blog -- please check it out.)

Bright and early this morning, I am up and baking scones for the party.  Everything else was dropped of yesterday and now to clean up my mess of a living room so that we can sew this morning.  Allison is on her way and I'm dang excited to have some girlfriend time.

As soon as she arrives, I can't stand it anymore.  It's present time.

Last month, she had recommended that I check out Gibson's Ace Hardware in Weatherford, TX while on one of my many child exchanges.  I did exactly that and then was unable to share what I found since when I walked in --- I spotted her birthday present instantly and that is all I bought.  Oh -- well I bought one for myself too.  We are going to have such fun making these together on our sew days.  It's gonna be oh so fun.

After a fun morning of visiting, solving my daughter's "s**t show", and minimal sewing on my part (all of which I can't show you --- hmmm wonder why), it's time to get dressed and head off to our tea party.  Don't we just look fine?  Two Southern Ladies ready for a very "gentile" day.  Hahaha.  Ya gotta know the gang we run with to appreciate that comment.

Upon our arrival, Elisabeth and her daughter, Mariah, have everything going well and we simply add the scones and brownies to the wonderful repast that has been set out.  I made the biscotti the other day and included it in my delivery.  Elisabeth and Mariah supplied all the wonderful, savory tea sandwiches.  Oh yum.

Now, just a small word about the cake.  Elisabeth wanted to create this lovely vintage sewing machine for Allison.  The cake, on the other hand, had ideas of its own.  It's ideas?  Well, to commit suicide.  We will be giggling about a suicidal cake for a good many months to come.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it before self-destruction began but here is a peek at the later moments of it's life.

And finally - may she rest in peace.

After everyone arrives, we settle in to an activity that Janet has brought.  Allison uses paper plates to organize the pieces for blocks she is working on.  She just stacks them one on top of another and goes from sewing event to sewing event with everything in place.  When at retreat, she even takes notes on the plates and creates a fun little journal to take her down memory lane each times she reuses the plates.  Janet has brought plates for everyone to write on along with LOTS of beautiful Sharpies in all the colors imaginable.

Janet gives some quick ideas, everyone stares at their white plates with fear for a few minutes, and then the ink starts flowing.  I am in awe of the talent in this room and realize that I never got in the line for "drawing" talent when it was being handed out.

Since this is not my strong suit, I finish quick and then decide to try my hand once again at selfie shots.  I am DETERMINED to master this skill that seems to come so easy to the rest of the world.  Now, in all fairness, it would help if I could use the phone the way it is designed but, alas the "selfie" lens on mine is shattered so I have absolutely no idea if we are centered or what as I shoot these pics.  (Above and to the right: Mariah, Elisabeth, and well, me.)




Allison and Brenda


Whew --- that lesson is complete and I think it's enough for now.  Besides, it's time to eat.  The food is delicious and the shared stories have me constantly wiping my eyes as, today of all days, I have chosen to wear make-up.  Silly girl.  All I can say here is - ya had to be there.

After sampling the cake (well of course we are eating it), a quick look at the time reveals that we need to kick it in gear if we are going to do a shop hop too.  While we do a small clean up so that my dishes can come back home with me, LeeAnn has brought fabric to share and several flock to the living room to see what goodies are available.  All the remaining fabric is then put into our Beads of Courage stockpile.  It's a growing inventory and I am thrilled since we have a LOT of people involved in retreats this fall.  We load up the cars and do a little street money changing (hahahaha Stephannie picked up tables for several of us while at the Aldi sale this week) before driving a whole 3 minutes to Sew Let's Quilt It.  I did a blog post on this little shop awhile back and if you missed it, here is the LINK.

One of the things I spot as soon as I walk in the door is how this wonderful little shop has chosen to show their Row by Row.  They are building a top with each successive year's row.  This is so cool and makes me wish I had all those patterns and rows myself.  I also spot an owl quilt that will make Debi K and Jennifer M drool.  Owls are definitely on the list for November.

Just as we are walking out the door, I see this cute, cute, cute rain poncho.  Hmmmm.  I can so see granddaughters in this.  I WILL be back for the pattern and fabric.  I'm thinking Christmas gifts perhaps - or future birthday presents.

Now onto our newest store in Dallas, the Rocking Bobbin.  We have such fun there and there is so much to show that it deserves a post all it's own so please click HERE to check it out.  While there, Brenda gives me a gift of the poncho pattern that I saw at the last store (she stayed behind and purchased it after I left -- what a sweetie).

Thank you ALL for making Allison's and, indirectly, MY day super fun.  Girlfriends are the absolute best - especially when you have been with wee ones all summer.  See ya soon ladies.


  1. Deb!! Wonderful post!!! I'm still smiling from the wonderful day you planned with Elisabeth and other Quilt Sisters who could attend the tea (surprise birthday season celebration). My heart is full of gratitude and I'm "sew" thankful for my Sisters Through Stitches!! You ALL made it a birthday season to remember. Wow, I'm so blessed. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

    1. No, I am the blessed one. You are an angel in my life. I LOVED doing this for you.

  2. That is it I am Moving up there to be close to the fun Thank you for sharing the experience with us.
    I am so glad I signed up for that first retreat and got to meet yall


    1. Please do. Would love to spend more time with you.

  3. What fun! Makes me want to plan something like it with my quilty friends. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You should. We had such a great time and made wonderful memories.