Thursday, June 16, 2016

Side Table Ironing Board

Last year we stopped at a local church garage sale and picked up a set of tv trays that are all wood.  I was determined at that point to make myself a set of ironing and cutting side tables.  Then they sat.  And sat.  And sat.  One took up residency next to my sweetie in his office, but the others just hung out.

I picked up the supplies a couple weeks ago and today seems like a good day to just get a simple project finished.  It will make me feel a wee bit better as I have been in summer camp sessions with my grands for over two weeks now.  A little TA-DA is in order.

Step one is to lay out the grey cover fabric with the right side down, top it with the Insulbrite and then I even add another layer of batting just to make sure the wood doesn't get too hot.  Now to place the tray table upside down on the whole little sandwich.

Mister has prepared the staple gun for me and I set to work securing all four sides.  No -- I am no a professional upholsterer and the corners are not perfect but it's a decent job. A quick trim of the extra fabric and it's in place.

And TA-DA!  Entire time for this project was less than 30 minutes.  Okay - back to kids.