Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sewing With Granddaughters

Ah, little girls.  There's a reason that I was blessed with four daughters.  I like little girls.  Oh, don't get me wrong - I adore my son and grandsons too, but for some reason I DO little girls well.  I just GET them.  Plus - they like the things I like.

Elena and Malea have decided that they would like to sew something to wear and I need to pick up some drawstring cord for Ophelia's bag so we are off to JoAnn's for a cute, EASY pattern and some fun fabric that they get to pick out themselves.  When we walk in the door, there is just the cutest apron on display and we talk about that until they decide the want to make aprons.  Okay -- off to the pattern books to see if we can find an easy one.  After locating one that has very few seams and the whole thing covered with bias tape, we think we have a winner.  Can't be too hard right?  Success.  Now for fabric and bias tape.  Elena chooses cupcakes and Malea is after butterflies.  With fabric, bias tape, and drawstring in the cart, we are ready to go.  As we are walking up to the front, they spot this super cute shirred fabric that MUST be made into dresses.  It's simple enough so back to the cutting table we go.  Now we are definitely set for a project day at home.

The next task is to set up a machine that they can operate.  Keeping their ages in mind, I select my lovely Featherweight, Barbara, as she doesn't ZOOM while they are learning control.  Mister's Pedal Helper on the foot controller will help the girls a great deal -- as will putting the controller on a step stool.  Just the right height.  (Yes, that is cloth dust on my machine right where the light circle is -- the finish is perfect.)  Once the machine is set up, test runs to make sure they know how to operate it are in order.

Now to get busy.  We measure little bodies to find the exact amount of fabric needed for their dresses and then trim the rest off, leaving us just the right amount to make the shoulder straps.  Perfect.  Quick seams to sew the shoulder straps and then the fun of turning them.  Once that is finished, we size again for strap location and they sew the straps on with cute buttons.

Next up is the back seam.  Yes, it's along seam, thus requiring us to hold our head up while sewing.  She's a one-handed sewer.

While Malea is sewing, Elena sets about cutting out the pattern pieces for the aprons.  The floor is covered with her efforts.  I'm loving her help since that is one of my least favorite parts of sewing clothes.  Ugh.  Soon she is finished and we move on to cutting out the fabric for the aprons and sewing them up.  the dresses are finished!!

Elena is so thrilled when hers is complete that she walks through the house singing the cutest little song.

Please enjoy this little video montage of our day:


My camera takes a nap at this point, along with Malea.  While she sleeps, Elena and I put the aprons together.  Okay, okay.  It is mostly me sewing away.  It's all good.  They turn out so cute and the girls are thrilled with them.  Such lovely little girls.  Okay, this is enough sewing for one day.  It's time to plan a picnic and get ready for Grandpa to get home.


  1. What a lovely day and such cute projects! I couldn't see the video, but all the pics were sure fun.I bet Grampa enjoyed a fashion show with dinner. :-)

    1. Memories. Ah, that is the best part of doing things like this.