Sunday, December 22, 2013

Three Generations Sewing Together - Such A Memory

While talking to Jen last week, she mentioned that she hadn't had a chance to work on her quilts at all since Thanksgiving and neither had Bekah.  I told her to come up and spend a full day and night here and we would sew like wild women to get them done.  She said she'd think about it.

A few days later, I received a call saying that Bekah needed to be in Arlington on Saturday for a soccer clinic and so the two of them would come up Friday as soon as school was out.  Yay!  They arrive around 7 and after a quick dinner, the three of us go to the studio and soon the place is humming with the sound of sewing machines.  Jen and I set to work on the Minecraft quilts and Bekah starts in on her borders.  She is doing a solid orange one first and then randomly putting her extra squares together and  piecing an outer border.  Believe it or not -- it comes out exact for her.  Amazing.

Jen and I are busy playing with bright green and black squares.  I am hoping with each stitch that I haven't gotten anything out of order or the "creeper" won't show up.  Woot woot --- it works for me.  Here is my top.  I do one in the time that Jen does 3 -- not sure how much help I am.

Bekah takes her quilt into the house so we can cut the backing and the batting.  Soon she is back out in the studio attaching the whole thing in order to turn it and tie it.  After two sides, she is shot and needs some sleep.  One of the corners is giving her grief and at midnight it is definitely time to call it.  Off to bed she goes as she has her clinic in the morning.  Jen and I work a bit longer and soon all the tops are complete.  Time for bed for us as well.

The next morning Jen and Bekah are up and gone before I even wake up.  On the way back from dropping Bekah, Jen's wipers stop and it is raining like crazy.  She limps to the Shell station near us and drops off the van.  Drat.  Just what everyone needs at this time of year --car repairs.

Once back home, a small breakfast and it's off to the studio for the two of us.  We have borders to make and attach.

Here is my top.  I do one in the time that Jen does 3 -- not sure how much help I am.

When those are complete, we decide to go watch Bekah for awhile before picking her up.  She is at UT-Arlington and they certainly have a great facility.  Wow.  Bekah is playing in an alternate gym and we arrive just in time to watch her for one minute before she is pulled and the game ends.  Ugh -- waiting on the van to get fixed and $400 bucks later screws many things up.

On the way home, we make a stop at JoAnn's for yarn and somehow discover other goodies to do together.  This is a really bad store for me sometimes.

When we get home, Mister has dinner almost finished so while we are waiting, I take Jen down to Tuesday morning to look for a gift for Josh and Bekah heads to the showers.  We score big time at the store and soon return to a wonderful ham dinner.  I am absolutely starving.

As soon as we finish, Bekah and I start working on fixing her corner of her quilt and we are all three soon pinning it for her to sew.  Jen and I also discover that the backing fabric is not wide enough so we quickly cut it into sections to make giant 4 patch backings.  That works for 3 backs, but we run out and are left with just a few strips.  I take everything out back and start making the backs while she cuts batting.  As I complete each one, I return to the house with it and she cuts it to fit as well.

A couple of hours later, Bekah has finished making her sandwich, turned her quilt, and is ready to tie.  I tell her to take it into the house and her mom can help her.  Little did I know (and darn that I didn't get to see it in person or in pictures) but Mister sat down and helped tie it too.  What a great guy he is!

Here is her finished product:

Didn't she do an awesome job.  This is her first time doing anything like this and it is entirely her vision -- colors, fabrics, pattern, etc.  I am so very impressed and certainly hope her girlfriend will be also.

She finishes watching her episode of CSI (yep, that has been going the ENTIRE time out here) and soon heads to bed, leaving Jen and I to put the other 4 quilts together.  We each do two, close the openings, and call it another night.  Jen is staying a second night since the weather is crappy and we didn't finish until almost midnight again.  All she has to do when she gets home is tie them.

I am beat! BUT BUT BUT --- I have loved every  minute of this time with my daughter and granddaughter.  It has been the best Christmas present I could have had and wouldn't want to trade those memories for anything.  Please let it happen again.  Please.

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