Monday, December 30, 2013

End of Year Quilt Classes - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

On New Years Day, 1 year ago, I made a return to quilting by taking a class at Fabric Fanatics in Plano.  I had recently discovered Bonnie Hunter and was just starting to follow her posts on Facebook.  Little did I know just how powerful of an impact she would have on me.  It revived my passion for sewing and quilting and between Mister and I, we managed to certainly make the fabric and sewing machines a major part of our lives.  It is with deep sincerity that I say thank you to Bonne.

Today, I am back at Fabric Fanatics taking another mystery quilt class.  I know, I know -- don't I have enough going on with Celtic Solstice?  Perhaps, but I love learning new techniques and each time I attend a class, I walk away with more confidence and a brain that is about to explode with ideas.  Isn't that what this is all about?

That is half of our group -- with me sitting right next to the rainbow quilt.  So many of these ladies have been in previous classes with me that I feel as though I am getting to know them.  I recognize their voices when they speak and I have also come to know their color comfort zones.  Bonnie and I get to talk for a few minutes and at various times she comes by and helps me with color and fabric selections on my block.

Bonnie teaching techniques and answering questions -- never ending patience from her.

I have the first 5 units ready --- what's next?  I am loving my bright batiks mixed with little calico prints.

AND . . . the finished block.  This is ALL I managed to accomplish today and believe it or not -- I am happy.  Many did not get this far.  Others had several blocks finished.  I do have several more of all the units constructed, but not put together.

I would love to show you my picture of the finished quilt, but, alas we are forbidden.  It is still a "mystery" for the rest of you.  It will release in Quiltmaker magazine later this year.  Once again, Bonnie calls us her 'beta test'.  So much fun --- time to head home and cut fabric for tomorrow.

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