Friday, December 13, 2013

Mister Makes a Blanket for His Sister! -- I'll Get Him Quilting Yet

I need to go to JoAnn's to enjoy their sale while getting a Christmas gift for Bekah and a few other items.  Mister decides to go along as he needs to pick up a gift for his sister (her birthday was back in October but we haven't gotten together) and for his sister-in-law's birthday party tonight.

As we are leaving, he spots some kits for fleece blankets that are on sale.  I let him know that the fleece on the bolt is also on sale and we go back to it.  After talking and making our selections, we have the supplies for him to make a gift for his sister that is completely  homemade.  We will see her tonight and want to give it to her so he gets busy right away.

First, all the edges are trimmed and squared with the top fabric laying on top of the backing.  Then he runs a tape line for him to use for cutting to make the strips for knots.

He gets out my rotary cutter and mat and cuts his strips 1 1/2" apart and 4 1/2" deep the entire distance around the blanket.

The next step is to tie each set of strips together and this is what holds the top to the back.  No sewing required.

Mister sits and ties away with a little help from me, but I do mean a little.  I sit in a chair nearby and work on the opposite side from where he is but spend most of my time watching him.

He is way more meticulous at this than I am.  Tie the dang knot and move on Mister.  I giggle to myself.

Two hours later --- we have a lovely blanket for Michelle.  I sure hope she likes it -- Mister does.

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