Thursday, February 23, 2017

Garden Party Clue 4 - Bonnie Hunter - Plano Mystery Quilt

The weeks just fly by when you are doing mystery clues, don't they?  I can't believe it is Thursday again already.  This week I am in Temple, TX at a Bonnie Hunter retreat so it's a perfect place to work on this clue.

In my preparation for the retreat, I did cut all the remaining parts for this week so I do have a bit of a boost going into finishing these blocks.  The question will remain, "Did I cut correctly?"

We are finishing the Garden Chain (Z) blocks this week.  I have to tell you that I have laughed a lot over the fact that they are Y and Z blocks.  The units and sections are numbered starting with one, but the blocks are Y and Z.  Way too funny to me.

With nine-patches at the ready, the first step is to attach sides to them.  I can do this.

I am using my Sew-Ezi table and I stream the chains down the handle slot in the table.  This gives them a straight downward trip and I think it is so funny to see what shape they will take on the floor.  It's also interesting that Sherri, across the table from me, is a "shoe off" person.

Okay, that step went pretty quick and I now have both sides on the nine-patches.  (I really should TRY and at least remove the loose threads before taking pictures.)

Next step is to add the remaining sides and cornerstones, but first the cornerstones need to be attached.

I wind up with this beautiful purple/neutral snake laying on my table and and I am thinking how much I am going to LOVE this quilt.

Purple used to be my least favorite color.  Period.  It was an "old lady" color.  Now, I love it.  Perhaps that means that I have become an old lady.  I am seriously considering joining the Red Hat Ladies just so I can wear more purple and hats -- I LOVE hats even though they just don't look all that good on me.  Perhaps with the new haircut it will be better.  Wow, that was quite the digression.  Back to the blocks.  Pressing, pressing, pressing.

Okay, onto the units they go.

Sherri snaps a picture of this stage as her blocks and mine are co-mingling.  Will we get some cute baby blocks?

Hey, notice that I have my shoes on.  Since my sweetie made the pedal helpers, I don't HAVE to take my shoes off.  I usually still do, but the cement floor here is cold and I forgot my slippers.

Second side now.

A quick press (well that's a lie, it took awhile) and I have a great stack of my "Z" blocks.

Garden Posy and Garden Chain together.  I'm lovin' it.  If ya'll want to do this quilt, the pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to Scraps book or Quiltmaker Magazine May/June 2015 issue.  It's never too late to join in.  (I started this in January of 2015 - yep BEFORE the magazine came out.  Beta group baby.)  See ya'll next week.

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