Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Refinishing my Featherweight Table

So some of you may remember that back in January I was able to pick up a Featherweight table at a local auction.  Here she is in all her "Oh my goodness, someone painted me white." glory.  Ick.

As I get out of the car returning from my trip to Colorado, I spot this in the garage (Oct. 29).  She is no longer white.  Mister has been busy (and yes, that is the start of my Big Board -- follow that on THIS post.)  He has stripped all the paint off and is now ready to start sanding.  It looks as though the original black stain is still on the sides.  Cool.

We have a beautiful day today (Sunday, the 2nd of Nov) and I am not sure how many of these we have left.  Mister has opted to stay home today and work on the projects.  He works on my Featherweight table by sanding it down, staining the top, and applying the first coat onto the sides.  There are scars from a hard life and places that the veneer is almost gone, but I am convinced that Mister will work his magic.  The cigarette burn marks almost break my heart, but I tell myself that it just needs some love in it's old age.

Starting to look pretty good, huh?

8th  After a fun day of estate sale shopping and playing in McKinney, we return home to get a few things finished before dark. Mister goes straight out to tape off the black edges and put a coat of varnish on my Featherweight table.  This is the first coat and it is already making a difference but Mister feels as though it will take several coats as the wood is really thirsty.

9th -  Mister returns to the driveway in the hopes of putting on one final coat of varnish before it gets too cool or dark.  Daylight saving time is definitely making a difference as he works quickly.

16th - Mister has finished the table and wants to see what my sweet Barbara will look like in her table.  Oh so sweet, don't you think?  Not just the table, but that man of mine as well.

18th - On his way home from work, Mister stopped at Tandy Leather and picked up a small strip to replace the worn pieces on the cradle of the Featherweight table.  With deft hands and a few tools, he is ready to go.  I love that he has thought about this for awhile and now has a plan.  It is the same thing I do with planning my quilts --- lots of thought before action.

Here is a before shot:

And after:  perfect

She is ready to go just in time for retreat.  I am so excited.


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    1. Thank you so very much. It is so lovely now and I am so lucky to have it. It made retreat wonderful and I was able to do some fun things on the Featherweight