Friday, November 14, 2014

A New Big Board

Oct. 29 -- I return home from Colorado and spot these items in the garage.  Mister has started to build me a Big Board.  Oh happy day.  He is also refinishing a Featherweight table and you can find out more about that here.

Nov. 1  After a shopping trip, Mister starts working on my Big Board.  While I was in Colorado he cut the top and added strips to the bottom all around the edges, plus sanded it all smooth.  He is now ready to add the little blocks that will keep it from sliding when it is placed on my ironing board.  Using the ironing board itself as a pattern, he marks where he wants to blocks to go.

2nd -

Mister finishes sanding the wood part of the Big Board so it is now waiting for me to put the batting and cover on.  I need to sandwich a few quilts to get a strip to work with as I just don't want to cut any batting that I don't have to.  I have one piece sitting in the leftover pile that is wide enough but need one more.

9th -

It's nice out and we are expecting the weather to turn this week so Mister wants to try and finish the Featherweight table.  As he heads outside to work on it, I follow to gather supplies to finish the Big Board.  I need two layers of batting and two layers of fabric.  I locate one that has a faux quilt on it and also some muslin.  Both of these fabrics were in my treasure trove from the thrift store.  Thinking I will put the faux quilt fabric on the outside, I press it and discover that there are some stains on it.  Drat.  Can I work around them?  Once pressed, I take the fabric, batting, and Board into the house to work.  Using the Board as a pattern, I cut out the fabric and batting to make a 4-layer sandwich.  I am just not happy with the faux print so it goes inside the muslin.

Mister has today's first coat of varnish on the table, then comes in to help me attache the fabric to my board.  With his trusty staple gun in hand, we have it all battened down in no time.

Yes!  This is turning into a productive day.  Another project in the finished column.  I love it and can't wait to use it at retreat.  (See the faux print?)


  1. Wow, that is awesome. So helpful will big quilt tops.

    1. Thank you so much Mary. I used one for the first time when I was at retreat in May and when I came home I asked Mister to please make me one before the next retreat which I am hosting. He did a great job.