Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Heritage Village Treasures

We've opted to do a real step back in time type of Indepence Day celebration.  My sweet man looked into the Heritage Village in Dallas and found that they were doing things up right today.  Therefore, it' a plan and we are off for some fun.  With three grands in tow, I'm sure it will be a blast.

Upon our arrival, it's already apparent that this will be special and I'm in heaven.  You can read all about our day by clicking on this LINK and scrolling down to day two.  I am only going to highlight a few things in this separate writing.

Several of the old homes have great mementos of the past and I just can't stop my camera from clicking.  Take a stroll back in time with me through pictures.  It's pretty sweet.

Ahhh, my heart.  I would love to learn how to spin.

The home is a veritable treasure trove of fun.

There are fibers, old quilt fames, needlework frames and so much more.  This family was creative in so many way.  I would love to stay here and explore but it would take most of the day and I'm pretty sure the society would not appreciate me moving everything around.

But I sure want to.

Wool ready for spinning ---- oooooh

Another home from a wealthier family -- so much crammed in here but notice the little machine in the front.  I'm coveting.

I definitely want to go back and look at things closer than three boys want to.  Perhaps a cooler day this fall.  I wonder when their next fun event is.  Sign me up.

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