Thursday, May 11, 2017

Brazos House Retreat May 2017 - Tweeners

It's TWEENER TIME!  When I do back to back retreats in February and May, I stay for the time between and Kay allows 1-2 people to stay with me.  Since Kitsey was sick in February, she is joining Val, Lydia, and I this time as well.  We may have one other too, but it's undecided yet.  Brenda and Debi are staying one extra night so it's a fun group today.

7th -  Once the house is quiet and the first group of retreaters have left, I want to go see the baby chicks that everyone is talking about.  Ooooooh, lookie, lookie.

You can see how quiet the house now is.  Time to spread out and get stuff DONE.  See ya'll tomorrow.  Yes, even the camera takes a much needed break during tweener time.  (keep scrolling - we're not done yet.)

8th -  Hello Monday --- It's Lydia's real birthday - so Happy Birthday, my friend.  Thank you for spending it with us.

Val starts us out right with another TA-DA

And another bag TA-DA -- did she sleep?

I also think I missed a bag in there somewhere --- oh goodness TA-DA

There is work going on around the room, I promise.

We've received the final count for the next weekend and moved the tables accordingly.  Like a flash, Kitsey has claimed my previous home.

I stay up later than everyone else as I have finished my blocks for the first Nifty Thrifty and want to get it set.  About 2 a.m., it's finished and time for bed.  Borders can happen tomorrow.

9th - I slept in!  Go figure.  I am kind of ready for something new after working on the other one for several days now.  I pull out a very old BOM UFO to work on and get it set rather quickly.  Woohoo.  TA-DA

It's time to stretch these legs a bit and head down the road.  As I get closer to cattle guard 4, I notice wild grapes everywhere.  They are even hanging from the trees.

This is all new to me.  I had no idea grapes would just take off on their own but it makes total sense.  Most things have a wild version and I adore wild fruits so why not grapes?

Look close, you can see the fruit.

Several hawks or eagles are flying overhead.  Catching them in flight is tough, but it's super fun to watch.

At the point where I'm about to turn around, I glance into the brush and am rewarded with this photo.

The sun is hitting the flora perfect today and  I so wish the lens could pick it up as well as my eye can.  It's just so lovely.

Once back at the house --- I clean my space.  Oh look, there is a cutting mat and that stack of fat quarters?  Those are what was in my birthday box from the previous group.  So fun.

10th -  As relaxing as these in between days are, they seem to go just as quick as retreat days do.  We are taking some time today to prep for the next group as there are a few ladies arriving one night early and we wish to be prepared.  Val is in charge of this next weekend and she has chosen a WESTERN theme.  Yehaw!

Just like that -- I have blinged my hat.  Hello tiara.

Ana arrives bearing birthday gifts.  She has to leave EARLY Sunday morning so is coming in today in order to get her full retreat.  It's nice when I can let that happen.

Oh these bags are just divine.  Thank you so much Ana.

I have a back TA-DA --

And Nifty Thrifty is a flimsy TA-DA too.

Here's the funny part of those two finishing together.  I did those HUGE pieces as leader enders.  Crazy right?  Meanwhile, Ana is set up and nesting and even the chicken has received a bandana.

Stephanie arrives and soon has her Garden Party TA-DA -- well not exactly soon, but after a bit of work.

Val with another TA-DA

Ana with her Leader/Ender 2015 Challenge TA-DA -- That's a lot of tumblers.

Stephanie with another TA-DA -- the bits leftover from Garden Party --- what a great idea.

And the room is starting to come alive again.

11th -  This is it!  We have a few quiet hours before the retreat begins again and Kitsey takes advantage to start to pin her project on the design wall.  Oh my --- WOW.  She only puts up enough so that she gets a visual on what she needs to do, but dang, that's gorgeous.  It's what she's been working on since she arrived on the 4th.

The Texas flag is up and we are ready to go.

A few large projects are getting finished up while there is table space to use, however those spaces are rapidly being filled in.  Look how Meri has hers set up.  She brings the cabinet and all.  I love it, but am going to stick with my little Sew Ezi table.

Ana finishes her backing for her tumbler quilt.  How cute is this?  TA-DA  --- and that's it.  Tweener time is over.

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