Monday, January 9, 2017

Guild Night - Land O'Lakes in Lewisville

Wow, it's been one of those days.  After working all morning on some slippers for my sweetie, going to airport to spend a 3 hour layover with my daughter, getting and delivering groceries to my mother-in-law . . .  I have arrived at the guild meeting.  Tonight I make it official and join.  Visiting has been fun but I'm ready to jump in and be an active member.  What does that mean?  Goodness, but I have no idea.  It just sounded good in my ear so I wrote it.

I am parked next to Allison and we are able to enter together and try to get to all the different tables before the meeting starts.  I also want to eat a little something as dinner has been a bit elusive today.  After depositing my things where I want to sit, the membership table is my first stop.  Done - and I have a new nametag to prove it.

I peek at the "freebie" table and find a stack of bandanas that will go home with me.  At the craft show in December I saw aprons made out of them and want to see if I can figure it out.  Could be a possible retreat project.

At the end of the table is the new Block of the Month project and patterns.  This looks fun and I may be able to keep up with them this small.

After taking my seat and discovering to my greatest delight that Allison has left a bag there with my Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt in it, I get back up to find the Show and Tell list and sign up to show it.  I'm not going to peek until then either.  Now to wolf down some quick dinner and let the meeting begin.

Madame President Maria is having surgery tomorrow thus is not here this evening.  Her wonderful board takes over and things are soon running smooth as can be.   Once the business is over, we get to enjoy some eye candy as the show and tell begins.  I am not able to get pictures of all, but have a few to share.

This is the 2017 Raffle quilt for the guild.  Who wants to win this beauty?

Marilyn Van Vooren showed her "Nearly Insane" paper-pieced quilt.  I adore this one.

Before you take just a quick look and go, "yeah, that's nice," keep in mind that my little finger is the same size as many of the units in this quilt.  It is crazy cool -- or perhaps insane is the better word.

My name comes up and I take up my quilt for my own personal reveal at the same time.  I LOVE IT!!  Allison quilted it with a pattern called Bora Bora and it looks wonderful.  Thank you so much, my friend.

Next, Marie Parker has three to show but I only managed to get pictures of two of them.  I think this rainbow one is magnificent and since it is a flimsy, I saw the backside first and loved the pastel shades just as much.  Gorgeous.

Marie also has this stained glass window one with all Kaffe fabrics.  Beautiful indeed.  Now, in this setting, I can get on board with the Kaffe fun.

Dawn O'Banion showed a quilt while she was up there but I couldn't get a good picture so I sought her out during the break.  I think the simplicity in this is lovely.  She had a hard time accepting that this is HER work as there wasn't any pattern for the whole thing but she used bits and pieces of other quilts.  I told that that is what quilts are all about.  Taking blocks that have been around forever and making them your own.  She IS the designer of this beauty.

After the break we are treated -- and I mean that intensely, what a treat -- to a presentation from Connie Litfin.  Connie works with wool in a way that boggles the mind.  She not only does the applique work that I am learning on a VERY small scale compared to her, but she does wool hooking.  And when I say that, I mean that she DOES it.  Not only is she amazingly prolific, but she is oh so good.  I really need to look into this a bit more.  It just warms my soul to look at.

I wish I had thought to take pictures more during the presentation, but I was just too mesmerized with what I saw.  I am in awe.  Now back to my simple woolie work to get down the applique part.  Hooking will be down the road a bit.

The last event is a raffle quilt drawing and Jennifer Smiley is the proud new owner of it.  Congratulations Jennifer.  Maybe next time it'll be my name they call.  It's been a great evening and since I'm at retreat in February, it'll be March before I get to attend another one.  See ya then.

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  1. It was a good evening! Glad you liked the quilting on your quilt. Looking forward to February and will pick up the March paper piecing patterns for you. Hugs, Allison in Plano