Thursday, March 2, 2017

Garden Party Clue 5 - Bonnie Hunter - Plano Mystery Quilt

This is IT!  The last of the parts and pieces on this pattern.  Next week, we're setting this sweetheart.  However, today's parts are still oh so important.  We are making the setting triangles and the corner triangles.  MOST important.

I got a slight jump ahead last weekend while at retreat in that I cut all the parts and sewed the smaller units.  That's it.  I didn't stitch any units together and now I am sitting down to get the job done.  I have exactly 2 hours allotted to sew today so this better happen.

First up -- my singles and my twosies need to become friends.

 They really want to become threesies - just not the regular idea of a threesie.  These are more like an "L" shape.

Now here is where my time crunch comes into play.  I am not going to press a single thing until the end.  My fingers are cross that it all plays out just the way it should.

As soon as the "L's" are made, it's time to add another piece.

 With only one seam to match, this piece goes on dang quick.

I am making the 4 cornerstones as leader/enders on this.  It seems like the best way to use my time today.

Once I have run through all of my very untidy stack - I'm pleased.  I also have to admit to truly adoring this purple.

Oh yay!  We are there.  The last pieces are going on now.  Chugga chugga choo choo.

The only snags I run into today are a bobbin rewind and ONE seam I started to sew the wrong direction and caught myself about 1/2" into it.  Kudos to me today.

Well -- now to press and drool on these cuties.

This leaves me with a tote of happiness just waiting until next week.  Yes, I'd start now but I'm heading out of town.  Have fun ya'll and for those of  you who wish to participate in this, Bonnie Hunter's Garden Party pattern can be found in her Addicted to Scraps book or in Quiltmaker magazine May/Jun 2015 issue.  It certainly is a fun pattern.  Check it out.

Until next week -- Stay creative everyone.

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