Friday, April 26, 2013

My New Quilt Frame -- Thanks Mister!!

We are both moving into quilt mode around here.  We have books, magazines, new sewing machines, and fabric everywhere!  Mister has been building my new quilt frame this week and as I was sewing in the studio, he was working away in the yard.  I did hear a few words that I won't print here, but he kept after it and the finished project is awesome.

Next, we had to completely rearrange the den to fit the frame in the house -- yep, that bugger is long.  Once we had it in the house, it was time to learn how to put a quilt on.  Fortunately, I had finished a top and it was ready to go on the frame.  After many tries and a small temper flare-up by me, we got it.  Once again, it will go much quicker the next time.  Now to start poking holes in my fingers.

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